Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013!!

Fourteen carols, hymns, and Christmas songs played by me from a group of 19th-century hymnals, sacred tunebooks, and Sunday School song collections--not the kind of holiday stuff you'll hear at the mall or supermarket, and thank God for that. The books sitting on my Casio WK-3800 (above) are (L-R) Asa Hull's The Casket of Sunday-School Melodies (1869), Harmonia Sacra (1860), and L.O. Emerson's Merry Chimes (1865).  What fun I had deciphering 19th-century music printing (both round and "shape(d)" notes), but when work is this fun, it's not work.  It's fun work, not "work work."  If you know what I mean mean.  You do do?

The Harmonia Sacra tunes are the really Anglo-folk-sounding ones of the bunch--The Star of Bethlehem, The Star in the East, and Joy to the World.  They sound folk because of open fifths, parallel perfect intervals, and partly because they're in three, rather than the traditional four, parts.  JTTW uses the now-standard tune, Antioch, but its folksy setting--"incorrect" harmonies and all--makes it sound pretty different, at least to these ears.  Owing to my orchestration (tone choices) on the first two titles, you'll swear you're hearing a Ken Burns civil war documentary soundtrack.  Right period, anyway.

All of these are me, "live" on my Casio WK-380, multi-tracked with Cakewalk Sonar X2 and edited/sound-shaped by Magix Audio Cleaning Lab MX. You'll be hearing me separately recorded six or seven times.  Just what you always wanted for Christmas.

CLICK HERE TO HEAR:  Merry Christmas 2013!

The Sleigh Ride (J.C. Johnson, Merry Chimes, 1865)
A Happy New Year (The Casket, Asa Hull, 1865)
The Star of Bethlehem (Harmonia Sacra, 1860)
O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright (Nicolai, Arr. Bach)
Come, All Ye Shepherds
Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates (Anon., 18th cent.)
From Heaven Above (Martin Luther, 1539)
Hark the Glad Sound (Haweis, 1792)
Christmas Time Is Come Again (The Academy Song-Book, 1898)
"Twas in the Moon of Wintertime
Christmas Carol (R.M. McIntosh, Good News, 1876)
Star in the East (Harmonia Sacra, 1860)
Joy to the World (Antioch; Harmonica Sacra, 1860)
The Christmas Tree (The Casket, Asa Hull, 1865)



Anonymous said...

I was on E-Bay and stumbled on an ole Line Material company Christmas record from 1949


AllAboutTheMusic said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas from Canada Lee. Thanks for all of the music. All the best in 2014.