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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy 2014! "Lee's Comic Rack" almost ready to go. Reflections on the new, doomed liberal media.

So, how's your 2014 so far?  I'm loving it, because it's a time to relax and smell the 1) cat spray on the Christmas tree, 2) coffee, 3) breakfast cinnamon rolls baking.  If I had to choose, it would be 3.  You?  Anyway, I stand guilty of eating three (3) cinnamon rolls this morning while skipping my oatmeal.  Heck, it's January 1.  It won't happen again, at least not on non-holidays.

One of the fun things about old-age diets is the occasional lapse therefrom.  And apparently "therefrom" is, in fact, a word.  My spell checker is fine with it, anyway.

And my quite nasty maxillary sinus infection seems to have calmed down, despite lingering tooth pain.  Our vet, Dr. Mike, described an operation for canines with maxillary sinus infections--it involves drilling into the sinus cavity and draining.  And that idea didn't seem half bad during the worst of this episode.  I might have gone for it.  You know, disguised myself as a dog, hired someone to pretend he or she was my owner, and so on, not revealing the con until after Dr. Mike had operated on me.  I couldn't do that, of course--it could get him in a heap of legal trouble, and he's such a terrific person.

My new blog, which I need to get hopping on/to, will be called "Lee's Comic Rack."  I'll write about my favorite comic books, all of which are the non-superhero type.  I've tried, but I can't get into those things.  I also harbor no interest in "pre-Code" horror comics, which consist of gross-out gore on the scale of the Chiller Channel, and containing just as little by way of plot.  Pre-Code horror comics feature people eaten alive by rats, dismembered and flushed down the commode, consumed by giant spiders, and so on.  If that's your thing, definitely check out the blogs that proudly display the stuff.  But my blog will feature post-Code comic art and stories.  What genres, you ask?  Western, horror (post-Code), war (ditto), fantasy, and a smattering of Rin-Tin-Tin and kiddie comics.  This will be a very "family"-oriented blog.  Scans will be included, mostly from my own collection (whatever I borrow I will credit), but no entire stories or issues.  I've been down the copyright road, after all.  A few images here and there should keep me and my blog safe.  We'll see.

What do I mean by "doomed" liberal media?  Especially given that the liberal portion of the media--both on and off line--is growing by leaps and bounds?  Well, "doomed" in the intellectual sense.  Ten years (or so) ago, when something akin to a "liberal" branch of the media popped up (seemingly, out of the woodwork), I was as excited as any other lefty.  I harbored high hopes for its future.  Ten years later, I can almost live without it, simply because it's become so stupid, so vapid, and so anti-intellectual.  There's no shortage of scholars, intellectuals, scientists, math whizzes, and the like on the left, but the leftosphere insists instead on subjecting us to stand-up comics, pop atheists shilling for science and math (but without any background in either), and self-important Hollywood personnel who, without a single shred of cause, fancy themselves the smartest kids in the room.  I love Rachel Maddow (who falls into none of those camps, btw), but what message is the lefty media giving to the world when the math-challenged (by her own admission) Rachel treats us to a near-weekly "Moment of Geek"?  Are there no actual geeks available for that spot?  Would anyone watching Rachel's "Best New Thing in the World" segment walk away concluding that the left contains intelligent life?  I wouldn't blame them for suspecting otherwise.

And Rachel, when she started out, was the best and smartest thing to happen to the leftosphere.  Her descent into silly and stupid has been painful to watch--and I have no doubt that the serious-to-silly transformation is all about appealing to a lefty audience not remotely as smart as it imagines itself to be.  An audience which crows about its collective smarts, its fidelity to facts, its mastery of logic and reason, and so on, while demanding a level of media better fit for school-skipping teenagers.

That's why I've endlessly swiped at the Freedom from Religion Foundation, a joint headed by people barely able to write or speak in English, yet who clearly regard themselves as the equals of such geniuses as Robert Ingersoll, Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, and (fill in the blank).  That these folks enjoy the empowerment and patronage of the liberal portion of our media is a disgrace to all the values which that media claims to support.  Besides not being terribly smart, the FFRF folks have little to show in the way of science and math creds, even though they presume to trash the American public for its ignorance of (you guessed it) math and science.  If they were one of but a few examples of stupidity married to ego in the name of the left, the liberalsphere would be in decent shape, but their sorry shtick is becoming the template for on line and media lefty behavior.  Sadly, I could name a number of other outfits just as vapid, just as outrageous in their championing of science, logic, and math by egoists with little, if any,  background in, or genuine respect for, those areas.  To put it another way, how many of the "seculars" and such chiding the public for not understanding Darwin are capable of giving us a two-hour lecture on evolution?  A few, but, in all probability, not very many.  Luckily, our media is not in the business of making blowhards show their money when playing the "I knew Isaac Newton" game.

The left loves its reputation as the smart, enlightened portion of the electorate, but that rep's days are numbered unless we demand something less anti-intellectual, clownish, and rewarding of stupidity than the current version of the left wing media.  We need to be an audience that EMBRACES the brilliance of Rachel Maddow, not one that forces her to act like a silly teenager, one which trumpets its contempt for math and science accomplishment by demanding that pundits impersonate NASA whizzes, presumably on the theory that genuine whizzes aren't any fun (or, perhaps, aren't truly deserving of a moment in our sun).  We've got to stop giving the media microphone to people whose sole connection to science resides in the NASA-blurb URLs they post in the midst of their anti-faith invective.  We have a right to better and smarter media, and we have more than enough people capable of providing it.  We're killing a potentially marvelous thing.  And, so, this is why my outrage flows over the antics of FFRF, CFI, and the like, all tips of a lamentable iceberg.  One that we should melt with due haste.

For all of you crazy enough to have read this far, thanks.  Next post will be a blog retrospective.



mel said...

The only comics I enjoy are the funnies. You remember - Blondie, Bringing Up Father, The Little King, Henry, Nancy and Sluggo, Sad Sack etc.

After all, that's what the word "comic" means.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

As you may know, many comic historians place the beginning of the modern comic book with the funnies digests that started in the early 1900s in the U.S. These, of course, were book-style reprints of current comic strips--very much like the modern "For Better or for Worse" or "Calvin & Hobbs" reprints. I have a couple from the early 1950s (Called "Tip-Topper") which contain Peanuts, Li'l Abner, and Nancy, among others. By then, such collections looked like any other comic book, format-wise, though they were straight from the newspapers.

Ignacio Esteban Hernández García said...

Hi Lee, best wishes for you and family, happy new year, thanks for your time and posts.

mel said...

That's quite right, Lee.

And I should have included Al Capp's Li'l Abner in my list - very much one of my favorites.