Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Christmas at Halloween (2008)--Link fixed

I've been having a devil of a time linking correctly to my Christmas at Halloween zip file.  I blame early-Fall allergies, my sinus meds, and the debate coverage.  No full moon until Oct. 27, so I can't blame the night sky.

Anyway, I think I finally got it right.  Click here, download, and enjoy!:  Christmas at Halloween                   

  CHRISTMAS AT HALLOWEEN (Lee Hartsfeld, 2008)

Misteltoes and Cobwebs
Santa's on His Way
Noisy Night
The Brittle Mummy Boy
The Little Train of Bethlehem
We Three Things Abhorrent Are
Call Dumb All the Faithful
Check the Halls
Door to the Weird
Desist Ye Scary Gentlemen
The First Noel
The Second Noel
The Third Noel
The Fourth Noel

And if you want a condensed version of the suite, here's the five-part version I posted at SoundCloud: Christmas at Halloween, Five-Part Version.  At SC, looks like you'll have to do each part individually if you want to download.


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