Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"Keeping Christmas," and other seasonal gems!

Here are three of the things to come in this sleightlist.  Don't say you weren't warned.  ("I wasn't warned.")  I asked you not to say that....

I had been numbering these Christmas zip files, but I lost count, so... here we are.  On Number Whatever.

In this zip, two tracks by Don's brother Jim Ameche, of whom Wikipedia says, "James Ameche was a familiar voice on radio, including his role as radio's original Jack Armstrong on Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy."  We'll hear him on the 1949 Line Material single, Keeping Christmas and the not-sure-when disc called The Story of the First Christmas Tree.  I'm sure the latter predates A Charlie Brown Christmas by at least a decade, so could it have inspired Schultz's "little Christmas tree that could" theme?  Both texts concern the true meaning of Christmas, as well as a runt tree that triumphs. (I've always wanted to type, "a runt tree that triumphs.") The 50th anniversary of Schultz's cartoon has been an occasion for much hype and praise from the media, but a certain Kentucky school district deemed some of Schultz's text unfit for kiddies.  Oh, well.  I guess they didn't get the the NYT, USA TODAY, Huffington Post, NPR, et al. memo.

American Chamber of Commerce Executives Presents At Home with Santa is just as campy as the title suggests, only much more so.  In other words, it's great stuff.

We have two recordings of One Solitary Life, which went by another name, too.  Once upon a time, I had a lot of data about the number and its long history.  In another life, at another blog.  (No, wait--it was this one.)

And... two gorgeous John McCormack sides, two rousing Bonnie Gulan numbers (Greetings to her daughter Kathy!), and Allen and the Lads' The Ghost on Christmas Eve.  An eBay dealer describes Ghost as "sought after."  I wonder if I had anything to do with that?

Click here to hear: Keeping Christmas


Keeping Christmas--Jim Ameche (Line Material, 1949)
ACCE Presents At Home with Santa, Part 1--Mutual Radio Networks
ACCE Presents At Home with Santa, Part 2--Mutual Radio Networks
Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod)--John McCormack-Fritz Kreisler, 1914
The Holy Child (Easthope Martin)--John McCormack, 1925
Sohio ET #54 ads (Radio station acetate)
Jingle Bells Fantasy--The RCA Victor Salon Orch., 1948, Arr. and Cond. By Rosario Bourdon
One Solitary Life--Frank La Spina (Holy 6010, 1983)
Christmas Yodel (Bonnie Gulan)--The Do-Gooders, 1980
Christmas in Our Town (Bonnie Gulan)--The Do-Gooders, 1980
Ghost on Christmas Eve--Allen and the Lads (Beaver 8679)
One Solitary Life (Fred Brock)--Robert Goulet, w. Choir of Bel Air Presbyterian Church
The Story of the First Christmas--Jim Ameche (Regina Recording E3CB-5192/3)
Jingle Bells Galop (Bowmar Records 1554)
Santa's Toy Shop (Voco VX-630; 1952)


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