Monday, December 21, 2015

"Santa Claus is Flying Thru/Through the Sky," and more!

Santa Claus is Flying Thru the Sky is one of my favorite cheap-label Christmas tracks, and I believe I discovered at one point that Enoch Light was connected with it, but don't take my word for it.  Anyway, today's rip is from the Treasure label LP, Merry Christmas!, on which Santa Claus rides thru the sky.  On the Tops for Tots 78 rpm single shown above, he's riding "through" the sky.

Exact same recording, however.  I thought I'd clarify this vastly important point before moving on.

Merv Griffin's wonderful Christmas City was recorded for....  Well, let me refer you to a site which explains it all: The Real Story Behind Merv Griffin's Iconic Song Christmas City.  Thank you, Chris!  And gives me a recording year of 1962.  I'd have guessed more like mid-Sixties, but there you go.

Winter Song appears for the third time this season, in a version by the Goodfellows Male Chorus, a Camden label pseudonym for the RCA Victor Male Chorus.   Meanwhile, for everyone who came to my blog this season hoping to encounter a square dance version of Jingle Bells, your dreams have been answered--Massachusetts Mixture is here!  And you get two non-square dance versions, to boot--Johnny Cole's, from a Grand Award LP, and a super high fidelity rendition by the legendary ensemble, "Vocals and Orch. By Popular Artists," from a Value Hit Parade Tune 78 rpm EP.

All this, and more to rock your almost-Christmas holiday!!

Click here to hear: Santa Claus Is Flying Thru the Sky


Christmas City--Merv Griffin (WDSM GRC 7999; 1962)
Santa's Christmas Party--Kathryn Hume and Grace Lynne Martin--Rhythms Productions CC-617
Activity Songs for Christmas--Ruth White and Grace Lynne Martin--Same
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers--Ray Bohr, pipe organ, 1956
Massachusetts Mixture--Lawrence Joy, Wilbur Waites, 1951
Santa Claus Is Flying Thru the Sky--from LP Merry Christmas! (Treasure 824)
Jingle Bells--Dick Byron and the Sandpiper Cho., Dir. Mitch Miller
All Around the Christmas Tree--Vocals and Orch. By Popular Artists (Value Hit Parade Tunes)
Snow Flakes--Fontanna, His Orch. and Chorus (Palace label)
Deck the Halls--Up on the Housetop--Michael Stewart, Sandpiper Cho., Dir. Mitch Miller
The Santa Claus March--Russ Morgan Orch., voc: Joey Alfidi, 1956
It's Santa Claus--Scott MacGregor, 1948
Jingle Bells--Vocal and Orch. By Popular Artists (Value Hit Parade Tunes)
Jingle Bells--Johnny Cole (International Award)
Winter Song--Goodfellows Male Chorus (RCA Victor Male Chorus), 1925 (Camden CAL-134)


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KL from NYC said...

Very enjoyable, especially the Jingle Bells with the square dance calls. Thank you.