Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Value Hit Parade Tunes, Tops, and Record PAK Christmas!

Click here to hear: Value Hit Parade Tunes Christmas

And what better Christmas than a Value Hit Parade Tunes, Tops, and Record PAK one?  And that's why you'll get with this download.

We start with two 78s on Value Hit Parade Tunes, both part of a four-record set that I have on 45 rpm.  A really neat picture sleeve/envelope came with them, but I don't have it.  (And I'm almost sure there was a 12-inch Hollywood label LP release.  Ernie?)  Here Comes Santa Claus --here credited to that great, massively underrated ensemble,"Vocals and Orch. By Popular Artists"--is the same recording that the Royale label credited to John "Santa" Claus.  It also shows up on the 10" LP, Merry Christmas Songs (Varsity 6905), where it is credited to... no one.  An excellent cover version, anyway, whoever sang it.  (If John Claus is reading this, please leave a note.)

I love All Around the Christmas Tree more than I can say.  I don't know how something so elaborately well done ended up on VHPT.

And... we have Record PAK, pretty much the cheapest of the cheap fake-hits labels, though some dealers charge through the roof on the things, for reasons unknown to me.  You'll be hearing three of the four tracks from the 78 rpm EP Record PAK I-539, and I would have ripped the fourth, but there's a scary-looking glitch on the surface where that track resides, and I've put my 78 stylus through enough without asking it to plow through whatever that is.

The Tops 78 (Rosemary Page w. the Yuletide Chorus and Orch.) is delightful.  I only wish it had some lower end, frequency-wise.  Maybe killing the bass frequencies was some kind of money-saving thing (were thinner grooves cheaper to press?). Or maybe it came from another label originally, and the freq.'s got lost in the transfer.  Great minds will puzzle over this for centuries.  Or at least decades.

To the music:  Value Hit Parade Tunes, etc.

S. Claus Is Coming to Town--Vocal and Orch. By Popular Artists (Value Hit Parade Tunes V-2012)
Poppy the Puppy--Same
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus--Same
All Around the Christmas Tree--Same
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer--(Value Hit Parade Tunes V-2013)
Frosty the Snowman--Same
Here Comes Santa Claus--Same
Jingle Bells--Same
Jingle Bells--Deck the Halls--Rosemary Page w. Yuletide Chorus and Orch. (Tops 308)
The First Noel--Joy to the World--Same
Blue Christmas--Jeri Shannon w. Ralph Berger Orch. (Record PAK I-539)
I'll Be Home for Christmas--Jerry Smith w. Ralph Berger Orch. (Same)
Adeste Fidelis (sic)--Jerry Smith w. Ralph Berger Orch. (Same)
Jingle Bells--Dick Byron and the Sandpiper Chorus, Dir. Mitch Miller (Little Golden FF35)
Deck the Halls--Same
Up on the Housetop--Same



garrido said...

sorry to tell you lee, the grinch that stole christmas has made off with your zippy. the files can't be downloaded on google chrome or safari. one of the negatives of zippy.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

That's odd, because I'm on Google Chrome, and it's working fine for me. Are you sure it's the browser?

Ernie said...

Hi Lee, Not sure about that Hollywood 12" release, I'd have to flip through them and see what's on what.

I'm on Firefox and Zippy works great for me. Got the files just fine. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

garrido said...

it seems zippy share has fraudulent spam issues, holding up the download. spammers are to blame on both safari and google chrome. this is not the first time, they are very aggressive.

Kwork said...

No problems with Zippy here using Firefox. Thanks, Lee, for everything you shared this season.
Since I missed your Halloween shares on Box this year, I was pleased you put everything up on Zippy for Christmas. I know much of it will disappear in a few months due to inactivity, but we have it for now at least. Thank you very much.
Merry Christmas!