Sunday, December 11, 2016

Adventures in cheap-label Christmas EPs: Gilmar Holiday Favorites

I used to know something about Gilmar, but I forgot.  Oh, yes--mail order, hit knockoffs.  See this excellent blog page: Gilmar

No connection to the Gilmar Girls TV series.  (Ha-yuk-yuk!)  I have bunches of Gilmars, and they featured the same tracks as Tops and Value Hit Parade.  There must have been a few outfits devoted to making the masters for the cheap labels, that's all I can guess.

And these sixteen selections--crammed onto a single 45 rpm disc, with surprisingly good sound!--are all Tops/Rondo-Lette/whatever re-reissues.  Luckily, they're highly enjoyable (and highly edited!), with the Kostelanetz-style tracks (Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, Jingle Bells) especially cool.  One always has to wonder how the cheapo labels managed the occasionally excellent track.  I do, anyway.  Maybe some ambitious label folds, and they buy the masters?

Gilmar did good with this one.  Maybe the best cheap-EP Christmas carol mishmash ever.

Click here to hear:  Gilmar Holiday Favorites, Sides 1 and 2



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