Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas shellac, Part 1!!

Click here to enjoy: Christmas Shellac, Part 1

Four Christmas 78s to start off this year's holiday shellac.  And doubtless you know which of the zillions of huge, planet-wide December festivals I refer to.  That's right--Toenail Awareness Day.  Google will be doing a 70-part animated Doodle honoring it.

No, actually, I refer to that other holiday (rhymes with "Listmoss").  Now, all four of these 78s are repeats, but this time they were ripped, curve-corrected, and treble and bass turnover-ized with my new, incredibly amazing toy, VinylStudio.  It's designed to handle vinyl and shellac, but of course the software writers decided to set everything up for people ripping their favorite Beatles albums.  Said Beatles fans might get a tad confused at the huge selection of response curves.  ("Wow!  I can make Tomorrow Never Knows sound even spacier!")

I bought this software because I wanted response-curve control but don't like Audio Audacity, which I previewed years ago and passed on (even at the low, low price of free).  This software is great beyond my wildest dreams, though I came close to ditching it early on.  Three reasons: the "My Albums" folder that turns out not to be the "My Albums" folder which contains the saved, "corrected" files (two days work down the tubes messing with raw files); the instruction to "split" tracks, when in fact all you have to do is place track markers at the end of each track (even VS admits they're not asking the user to split when they tell him/her to "split"); the inexplicable need to delete the album folder in question whenever track "splitting" (actually, marking) has been modified.  (Luckily, I was able to figure this out on my own.  Deleting the folder allows VS to generate a new one.  Don't ask me.)

Hence, I was close to tossing the program.  I can only take so much of this communication-deficit stuff, even when the program is this great.

Then I remembered that it's a download, which means I'd have to toss my PC.  That brought me back to reason.

More early shellac to come....



Ernie said...

Happy Listmoss to you, love the shellac! :)

Lee Hartsfeld said...


And we (Bev and I) wish you a Merry Listmoss, too! And a happy start to another trip around the sun!