Sunday, December 25, 2016

Getting Ready for Christmas?

Getting ready for Christmas?  I hope not--it's here.  Amazing how quickly it sneaks up on us, no?

However, if you need presents in a hurry and have a time machine that'll take you back to 1899, here are some items you might want to fetch for your return trip, all scanned by me from the Youth's Companion issue shown above.  How I'd love one of those Stafford's X RAY things--just one of the many precursors to the X-Ray Specs of comic book-ad fame.  Grab me one if you're going, o.k.?:

"If your dealer hasn't it, send us a mail order."

Here's 1899 Santa, looking pretty much like the 2016 model....

Can't miss with this gift!  (Chortle, guffaw.)

Darn.  Nobody ever gets me a patented scissors sharpener for Christmas.

I need one of these!  This 1899 Stafford's X RAY ad is astonishingly similar to the X-Ray Specs ads featured in Boomer-era comic books (below):

(See my Lee's Comic Rack posts on the history of X-ray novelties: Here and here.)

Every child's dream gift....


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