Saturday, December 17, 2016

Have a Spear Records Christmas!!

Nothing says "high budget" quite like a set of seven-inch  red vinyl 78s with the same Santa Claus art on each side.  So I was shocked when I placed the needle on these grooves and beheld totally lousy fidelity.  I got things sounding much better with VinylStudio, though some bad spots remain, thanks to someone having played these with a heavy tonearm at some point.  I'm picturing a portable vinyl torture outfit from 1954 or so.

The music's not bad, and we get a chance to hear the lovely voice of the recently deceased "Lady in Blue," June Winters.  Read about her here and here.  The second piece notes that she was married totrumpet player and songwriter Hugo Peretti.  Meanwhile, we see a "Hugh E. Perette" on this label ("Choral Direction By...").  Verrry interesting.

You'll hear three of the four Spear Records sides.  (Did Wrigley's ever talk to this company about its label design?  Funny--I'm in the mood for gum.)  You would be hearing all four discs, but I somehow messed up the first rip and didn't feel like redoing it.  Nothing exciting on the missing disc--I swear.

Click here to hear:Spear Records

Jingle Bells/Jolly Old St. Nicholas--Choral Direction by Hugh E. Perette (Spear 108)
Noel/Come All Ye Faithful--Choral Direction by Hugh E. Perette (Spear 108)
Oh Holy Night--June Winters w. Hugh E. Perette (Spear 110)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen--Choral Direction by Hugh E. Perette (Spear 110)
'Twas the Night Before Christmas--Narrator: Merrill Laub (Spear 111)

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