Friday, December 23, 2016

Last of the Christmas 2016 78s!!--David Rose, Louise Wilcher, Master Ernest Lough

And we get to the last of the Christmas 2016 78s, featuring discs restored with the amazing VinylStudio (that program I almost abandoned over a glitch in the export function!).  To control the playback curve is to rule the world!!  Buwa-ha-haaa!  I mean, is to control the audio results.  This is the funnest early Christmas toy I've ever received.

Like Audacity, VS features an inverse RIAA curve plus any number of presets (including 78 rpm)--or you can just start from scratch, tweaking the playback curve by ear, which is what I end up doing fairly often.  I curve-corrected the famous 1926 Hear My Prayer (Master Ernest Lough) purely by ear, and I like the results--getting the boy soprano's voice to ring out without high end distortion was almost as hard as covering up the needle-wear moments (louder freq.'s were often the first to be harmed by the old gramophone needles).  It's such a gorgeous performance (very famous in its day), the hard work of restoring it didn't seem like work.

In distinct contrast, getting the David Rose 78 to speed was a simple matter of using VS's MGM curve and removing some clicks.  The presets proved handy for the rest, though I did some treble tweaking and low frequency taming.  (Always wanted to type that.)

Download without delay.  And here's an awesome four-part video on Master Ernest Lough:

Ernest Lough--The First Famous Choirboy, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Click here to hear:  Last of the Christmas 2016 78s

A Christmas Medley--David Rose and His Orch. (MGM 30211; 1949 or 1950)
Sleigh Ride--Ethel Smith, Organ w. Orch. (Decca 24902; 1950)
The Skaters--Louise Wilcher, Harry Campell, Hammond organ and Novachord (Col. 36304; 1941)
Christmas Fantasy--Part 1 (Arr: Al Goodman)--Al Goodman and His O. (RCA Victor 28-0427; 1950)
Christmas Fantasy--Part 2 (Same)
Hear My Prayer/O For the Wings of a Dove (Mendelssohn)--Choir of the Temple Church, London; Soloist: Master Ernest Lough (His Master's Voice 35856; 1926)


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