Monday, December 19, 2016

Santa's Sleigh--Bob Ellis and Bob Ellis, Jr. (1955)

Click here to hear:  Santa's Sleigh--Bob Ellis (Side A); Bob Ellis Jr. (Side B)

(Merry Christmas/Ellector 1000; 1955)

Where to start?  Well, Bob Ellis was the stage name of Raymond Asserson, Jr., the great-grandson of Rear Admiral Peter Christian Asserson.  His son, recording here as Bob Ellis, Jr., was actually Peter Elgin Asserson.  Raymond was the fourth husband of Christine "Cee Cee" Cromwell, daughter of American diplomat James H.R. Cromwell and Dodge Motor Company heiress Delphine Ione Dodge.

Christine got none of the Dodge fortune when her mother Delphine died in 1943, whereupon it was discovered Delphine had disinherited James H.R. Cromwell (after their divorce, I'm guessing) and anyone related to him, which meant "Cee Cee" and her half-sister Anna Ray "Yvonne" (Baker) Ranger.  But it doesn't sound like Christine was without dough....

In 1970. Christine survived a plane crash.  Get the whole story here.  (Many thanks to that page, the source of most of my info.)

This record was made during Bob's (Raymond's) marriage to Christine. when he was co-managing her night club in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands--hence, the label address.  The sleeve essay mentions Ellector Records, but the label says "Merry Christmas" (this was a special Ellector issue, I guess), so I'm dubbing the disc Merry Christmas/Elector.  (In the unlikely event you were wondering.)

The record itself?  Ummmmmmm....

It's Christmas, so I'll withhold my review!


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