Wednesday, December 21, 2016

All Christmas posts are now at Zippyshare

The downloading bandwidth at my account has been maxed out, so I moved The Macy Singers (previous post) to Zippyshare:   Macy Singers--Songs of Christmas

I'll be migrating the rest of the Christmas 2016 shares soon.

UPDATE: All shares, except one, have been migrated.  About twelve in all.  Not sure, because I uploaded most of them before creating a Zippyshare account, hence no record.

Can't find "Christmas Shellac, Part 1," but I can easily recreate it.  So, check back over the last bunch of posts for great Christmas music, now at Zippyshare.  All my life, I've wanted to type, "Now at Zippyshare."

Bev and I have had fabulous luck in our Christmas shopping--a fake tree that looks uncannily real (maybe we'll have to water it?), a convection oven, and I actually forgot what else.  Hmm.  Oh, got my glasses repaired for free.  They needed a new screw.  Found out I could have bought two better frames for less than I paid for this one cheapo VA item.

My brain is fuzzy (and kind of mushy, too, which is why we have those natural helmets called skulls), so maybe I'm in a post-shopping daze.  I have no excuse to be, really, since mostly we've shopped locally, with mostly sane driving and a couple of surprisingly unbusy stores.  The only notable insane-driving moment came tonight when four or five cars raced left past the turn arrow while I sat there with the green light and the right of way but no desire to get clipped by the, um, little darlings breaking the law in front of us.  (I guess it was their very last chance, forever and ever, to make a left turn.)  As I made my right turn, a copycat red light-ignoring pickup nearly rear-ended me.  He was about five seconds after the others, and I guess his driving instructor--assuming he had one--forgot to tell him to look for, you know, other vehicles.  Sometimes the road contains same.  No, really.

None of this sort of driving can possibly be spurred on by all the car ads depicting people speeding down the road with nary another vehicle in sight.  At any rate, it's totally worth it to risk a wreck if it means saving a few seconds.  Remember this as you drive on this Christmas season.  ("But, but... the light's red!"  "Oh, red, schmed."  VRRRROOOOMM)



Ernie said...

Thanks, Lee. I'm all caught up now. :) To the listening booth!

Ignacio Esteban Hernández García said...

Felices fiestas y gracias por todos los aportes.