Saturday, January 21, 2017

See how long it takes you to guess where this is going

I knew, at about the 58 second mark, where this was going--he telegraphs it so mercilessly, it's almost pathetic.  (If I wasn't sick as a dog, I'd likely have picked it up sooner.)  But he thinks he's a genius, and it hardly matters what anyone else thinks.  My, my, what did geniuses in their own minds do before the Internet gave them such a broad forum for bragging and preaching?

The secular/skeptic(al)/bright/reality-based/etc. movement practices a milquetoast kind of liberalism that dates back to (if not before) All in the Family, yet its members carry on as if they invented left-wing values.  This guy points out the American public is moving in a liberal direction, but if we're going by "secular" standards of liberalism (think 1975), the public's already there.  No, the public is hardly progressive by today's standards, but what was liberal yesterday is today passe.  This is why these pretend progressives are so energized by Trump's victory (you'd think they'd be depressed, like actual liberals)--it allows them to maintain that the American public is further to the right than it actually is.  Of course, any number of factors played a part in the election results--despite what the TV talking heads tell us, it wasn't simply left vs. right.  (Else, why would so many on the left have ditched ship?)  You and I know that.  We know this because we have time to think--we're not busy doing 24/7 self-promotion.

But these folks use every piece of news to glorify themselves.  If an asteroid were headed to Earth, ready to obliterate all traces of life, these brights would be busy working it into a give-us-money-for-our-important-work moment.

Without me, you might not know that such videos exist, so I feel like I'm doing a service.  What kind of service, exactly, who can say?


garrido said...

Your wonderful organ recording "Call Dumb All the Faithful" puts his rant in perfect perspective. Get well soon.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Thank you! I'm doing my best. Played at church in a semi-awake state (two periods of 3 to 4 hrs. sleep). All through the service, I thought about what horrible people we are. And dumb. Hoo, boy. D-u-m-b.