Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday morning shellac: Daybreak Express, Yesterday, Barnum and Bailey's Favorite, more!

Yet more 78s, all ripped by me from my collection using VinylStudio and MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX.  And a turntable and 78 stylus.  And my ears, which I use to determine the right playback curves.  Together, they are... Team Shellac.

No, not really.  Anyway, we've got jazz, we've got marches, we've got ragtime, and we've got studio musicians playing a salon version of Yesterday, but not the McCartney tune.  (As you can see by the credits, George Harrison wrote it.  Just kidding.)  I'm very pleased with the sound on this one--having a near-mint copy helped a lot.

Mostly, lots of ragtime, with some very early Irving Berlin tossed in (Watch Your Step).  Well, not all that early, really--Berlin's songs go back to 1907.  So, mid-early.  On 1915's The Georgia Grind and It's Tulip Time in Holland, Signor "Grinderino" (his actual professional name, I guess) plays a street piano, which is, I guess, like a street organ, though the label, Victor, termed it a hurdy-gurdy.  Don't look at me.

We have banjo great Vess Ossman on two worn Columbia sides from 1907 (no wonder they're worn), but the music sounds through the hiss just fine, I think.  The raggy Happy Heine (an ethnic slur on an early 78--imagine that!) is from a somewhat bashed, one-sided Victor disc which I'm sure I'm playing back too fast at 78, but I have no way to reliably slow it down to, say, 76 rpm or so.  No strobe or meter, though I do have a speed lever.  Go figure.

The "Black Face" Eddie Ross banjo-and-orchestra sides are outstanding, and I've been enjoying them for years--owned my first copy way back in 1978, while stationed in Pensacola, Florida (it may have been a Goodwill find).  And here's a terrific page on the artist.

Our opener, Duke Ellington's amazing train song, Daybreak Express, is by far the best rip I've gotten from my 78 copy thereof.  I'm very pleased.  I used VinylStudio's 1933 RCA playback curve, found it too muffled, then I opened up the treble and bass.  Voilà.

Click here to hear: Daybreak Express, more


Daybreak Express (Ellington)--Duke Ellington and His Orch., 1933
Barnum and Bailey's Favorite--March--American Legion Official Band, 1926
March Salutation--Same
Ragging the Scale--Conway's Band, 1915
Flirting Whistler--Conway's Band, 1915
Yesterday (Wilhite and Harrsion)--The Arts Ensemble, 1927
Policy King March--Vess L. Ossman, w. orchestra acc., 1907
Chicken Chowder--Ossman-Dudley Trio, 1907
Watch Your Step--Medley--Victor Military Band, 1915
The Georgia Grind--Signor "Grinderino," Street Piano, 1915
It's Tulip Time in Holland--Medley--Same
Happy Heine (Two-Step; Lampe)--Arthur Pryor's Band, 1906
Ross' Dog Trot--"Black Face" Eddie Ross, Banjo w. orchestra, 1921
Ross' Reel--Same


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garrido said...

Lee, if you haven't seen or heard this, it might interest you. The Thorp Collection 78rpm (78 rpm shellac discs donated from the Batavia Public Library Thorpe Collection to the Archive of Contemporary Music and digitized by George Blood for the Internet Archive. There are some classics 78s in this collection. I haven't been thru them all but I think you might be interested. Take the browser to the Thorpe Collection at the Internet Archive.