Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Have a Hawthorne House and Everlast Products Christmas!

Last year, I shared these two Hawthorne House Record Cards--greeting cards with thin wafer-type records which, to be restored, have to be removed from their paper backing and affixed to a solid surface. As in, to another record.  Click links to hear:

 Jingle Bells--Hawthorne House, 1948
 Joy to the World--Hawthorne House

This year, I have two Christmas postcard records made by Everlast Products, Inc., of NewYork, NY, and the challenge here was flattening the cards so the grooves could be tracked.   To accomplish this, I taped the (rather large) postcards to a couple of unwanted 78s.  Click links to hear:

 Santa Claus Is Coming To Town--Everlast Products, Inc.

 Jingle Bells--Everlast Products, Inc.

Here's what the Everlast postcards looked like, front and back, prior to processing:

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town--Artists unidentifed

Jingle Bells--Artists unidentified




groovylounge said...

Thanks a bunch! But FYI, Joy to the World is missing the end of the track.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Good grief--I hadn't noticed. I'll have to find and re-rip the side. Thanks for letting me know.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Track fixed. Thanks again.

bing stills said...

Grand old renditions, thanks for your efforts to pass these classics along!

Ernie said...

Thanks, Lee! Love the old ephemeral stuff like this, but it's so hard to do anything with...

Jodsworth said...

Thanks so much for sharing these!

Just checking - it sounds to me like the two versions of "Jingle Bells" are the same performance, is that right?

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Yes, they sound the same to me, too.

CaptainOT said...

WOW! Thanks for these Lee!