Monday, December 18, 2017

A 1958 McDonald's Flexi disc not from 1958 or McDonald's


"Oh, boy," I said in my head.  "A McDonald's flexi-style record from 1958!  Hm.... The art doesn't look like the right period, but what the heck.  I need this one."  I bid on it and won.

Now, had I looked at all three pictures (I only noticed the cover) and actually read the description in the ad, I'd have learned right off that 1) It's not the fast-food-chain McDonald's, 2) The disc style is way post-1958 (in fact, Eva-tone Soundsheets started in 1962), and the 1958 date is the song copyright, not the date of issue.  You'll recall that 1958 was the year Harry Simeone tried to claim Katherine K. Davis' Carol of the Drum as his own, renaming it as The Little Drummer Boy.

Every clue to tell me this is not a 1958 McDonald's freebie, including the following sentence in the ad text: "This is not the McDonald's fast food chain."  Oops.  That cold have been an important detail.

Duh.  Double-duh.  Triple-duh.

So, anyway, enjoy this circa-1970 McDonald's (not the fast food chain) Eva-Tone Soundsheet recording of The Little Drummer Boy.

The Little Drummer Boy

I are a savvy and informed eBay customer.



Steve Turner said...

Funny how the brain works and how these things like this happen. As the years go by I seem to be more prone to these types of moments. Lol!

Anonymous said...

Lee, do you still have the Little Drummer Boy record? I've wanted it for years. I had it as a little girl and lost all of our belongings. My name is Cathi

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Hi, Cathi. The link is still working--let me know if you're having trouble downloading it (the link should take you to Zippyshare), and I can move it from Zippyshare to, where there aren't pop-up ads and pages.

Just click the post title in the next to last line to reach Zippyshare. Sorry to hear you lost all your belongings. I lost a lot of my childhood stuff, too....

Eric said...

My sister and I had this very same record back in the 1970's when we were both very little. We had a McDonald's department store in our hometown of San Jose CA that our grandmother used to shop at, and she gave us each a copy of this record that were both lost many years ago. Thank you for posting this!