Friday, December 01, 2017

A Gilmar and Tops 78 rpm Christmas!

I had no idea the cheapie label Gilmar had produced 78s, so when this showed up on a 78 list, I grabbed it.  (Actually, I sent money for it and waited for it to arrive via USPS.  I didn't literally grab it.  Tried, but it didn't work.)  Most of Gilmar's output consisted of fake versions of current hits, the material coming from Tops and Broadway/Value--Hit Parade Tunes.  Hence, the "Tops All-Star Orchestra and Chorus" credit on this disc.  (I hope that made sense.)

Pretty rough shape, and sounds terrible with my 78 stylus.  So I tried an LP needle, and... infinitely better results.  That'll happen, sometimes.

The bonus track--The Music Hall Dram Group and Orch. performing The Night Before Christmas--appears to have originated on the Record Guild of America label.  Perhaps Tops purchased the master from it.

Click here to hear: Gilmar--Christmas Favorites



Steve Turner said...

What a treat ! So glad there are people like you digitizing and sharing these treasures.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

It's a nice challenge to get frequently-played cheapies to sound halfway good. It helps that modern players are SO much better than the old, tear-out-the-grooves kind.