Friday, December 29, 2017

Another Broken Record for the fifth day of Christmas--"Santa Claus Is Coming"

Strange but cool name for a record label--Another Broken Record.  And it almost become one--the center hole is so small, I had to force it on and off the spindle.  But, luckily, the disc (despite being a 78) is some kind of hard plastic rather than shellac, so it could withstand the twisting.

Two nice, humble Christmas sides from 1949.  Never heard of Bob Gleason, but he had a fine voice--and he co-wrote both sides.  I'm assuming he's not the guy I found when I Googled "Bob Gleason" + "singer."

Enjoy this "novelty Fox Trot" today!

Click here to hear: Santa Claus Is Coming

Santa Claus Is Coming--Bob Gleason (Another Broken Record 1002)
Christmas Wish--Same



Will C. said...

you can make the hole fit the spindle with a pen or pencil. stick it in the hole until it's tight, then twist back and forth a few times and that should do the trick. thanks, and keep up the good work!

Lee Hartsfeld said...

I usually use a reamer (small metal tool, T-shaped), especially if I'm trying to straighten out an off-center 78. I need to try your simpler method!

Steve Turner said...

Thanks for sharing this novelty window into the past. I'm guessing it didn't get played many times with that manufacturing flaw.

Ernie said...

I'm trying to imagine what sort of marketing would work for a company called Another Broken Record... Nothing would work very well that I can come up with. But thanks for sharing and proving that someone, somewhere, sometime thought it was a good idea! :)