Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas, according to RITE Records (Big 4 Hits and Gateway!)

Today, five selections from the Big 4 Hits label, and four from Gateway Records.  Both were put out in the 1950s by RITE Records of Cincinnati, Ohio.  These are sound-alikes, and they range from fun (The Night Before Christmas Song) to "I've lost the will to continue living" (I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus).  I mean, I Saw Mommy... is going to bad in any version, even when it's done in the proper cutsie, campy, "Isn't that adorable?" fashion, but the Big 4 Hits version is intolerable.  (I really know how to plug my playlists, don't I?)  Fortunately, it's the first track, so it's over quickly enough, and there's much better stuff to follow.

Sources are 78s (Big 4 Hits) and a fairly hammered 45 (Gateway) that I played with my extra-big 45 needle from Rek-o-Kut.  Ending track is the dumb aren't-children-singers-cute standard Nuttin' for Christmas, which, though the song lyrics clearly refer to the behavior of a naughty boy, is sung by one Dolly Nunn.

Even the lightest Decliker/Decrackler filter application on the Gateway Records EP caused fluttering and drop-outs in the male singing voices, so I went ahead and recorded it minus filtering.  Then I went in, obsessively removing some of the louder noise manually.  Do you remember when "clicks" were called "ticks" by serious audio people?  I do.  "Ticks and pops."  (Hm.  A quick Google check shows the term is still in use.)  But to me, they'll always be clicks.

To the cheapo RITE Records Christmas classics: RITE Records Christmas


I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus--Lynn Peal (Big 4 Hits 56, 1953)
Blue Christmas--Preston Ward (Big 4 Hits 110, 1954)
Frosty the Snowman--Eddie Williams (Same)
Here Comes Santa Claus--Billy Thomas (Same)
Winter Wonderland (Frank Roberts (Same)
The Night Before Christmas Song--Eileen Scott (Gateway, 1956)
C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S--Terry Buter (Same)
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer--Jack Daniels (Same)
Nuttin' for Christmas--Dolly Nunn (Same)



Ethan said...

Love it. Thanks so much for the great Christmas posts.

George Birch said...

Thanks a lot!

Steve Turner said...

Thanks for sharing! The clicks are part of the experience for me.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

You're all welcome. My pleasure.

Mistletoe and Holly said...

Thank you very much, Lee--nice finds. Do you have the other three Christmas songs on the Big 4 Hits 56 EP by Carl Johnson?

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Yes, but the pressing is way off-center, making the Johnson cuts sound terrible. So I only ripped the Lynn Peal side. Sorry about that!