Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Merry Christmas from the Garcia Corporation!

This may be the weirdest company-produced Christmas single of them all, but of course one can never be sure.  Two, perhaps, but not one.  It's Garcia's long-playing Merry Christmas EP from 1962--the Garcia Corp. of Teaneck, NJ, to be exact.  In 1980, Garcia became the Swedish ABU Garcia.  It's all explained here in a manner that's almost possible to completely follow.

If "Abu" doesn't sound particularly Swedish, it's because it's a shortening of "AB Uhrfabriken." So there.  ABU Garcia makes highly valued fishing reels.  And highly obscure Christmas EPs.

And I just accidentally deleted the URL, so let me re-find it.  The weather has my sinuses in turmoil, which puts me in space.

I regret to report that Garcia had no closing jingle.  That is, no chorus singing "Merry Christmas from Garcia Corporation fishing poles," possibly because that would be a bear to set to a tune.

Click here to hear: Garcia--Merry Christmas


Silent Night--Garcia Glee Club
Noel--French Mitchell Chorus
Forever Christmas---Composed and Sung by Tony Baly
The Star Over Eastern Land--Swedish Abu Chorus
Christmas Is Here Again---Swedish Abu Chorus
Silent Night--German by Plate Chorus

Produced and arranged by Sal Muley of the Garcia Corporation



Ernie said...

I don't know if this is as out-there as the Testor's Chorus, but it's got to be close. Nice find!

Lee Hartsfeld said...

I want to put up my copy of the Testor Chorus (they're terrific), but my copy is a click-athon, and I don't feel like all the cleaning-up work.

I think, however, I'll re-feature the two Katherine K. Davis selections, including their superb "Carol of the Drum" rendition.

J Fishkat said...

Hey Lee,

Thanks very much for this post - something rare, unusual, and fun!

Let me share some 1962 background. Garcia Corporation (USA) was an importer/distributer of European fishing tackle. Garcia had 3 major import partners: ABU (Sweden) primarily bait-casting reels and fishing lures; Mitchell (France) primarily spinning reels and some lures; and Plate (Germany) monofilament fishing line (although prior spinning reels and a few lures). All were separate companies.

I was able to find some descriptive text from a 2009 auction (photos no longer available): "The cover explains that the employees of the European factories wanted to send greetings to all the American anglers."

I have 2 such records (without printed covers) and I have corresponded with a couple of collectors who also have the record, but unfrotunately not a printed cover.

May I ask for your permission to repost at fishing collectors' sites, crediting you, your linked MP3 conversions?

Best regards,

Lee Hartsfeld said...


Thanks for the information, and feel free to repost! Thanks for stopping by,


CaptainOT said...

Was this an eBay find? Man, this is a catch!