Sunday, December 31, 2017

Tiny Tyke Toys, Inc. presents "A Christmas Dream" (1969)

From 1969, a "Play a Story Book" with a 7-inch 33 1/3 single included.  The illustrations, by Myrtle H. Troaster, are gorgeous, and they're interspersed with the sheet music for "A Christmas Dream,' which is written in the key of C but sung in G.

Tiny Tyke Toys, Inc. of Salt Lake City, Utah, was responsible for this give-away (?), though the label spells "Tyke" as "Tike" ("Tiny Tike Records").  'Tis a mistery.

Pleasant songs, pleasant singing, and it's kind of cool to see something this 1940s/1950s-style come out in 1969.  Nowhere near Line Material level, but better than many such company vanity efforts.  Someone should do a compilation of kids-falling-asleep-and-meeting-Santa songs.  You could get two volumes out of them, probably.

To a ride with Santa: A Christmas Dream

Christmas Dream (Ralph O'Brien)--Dottie East w. Doug Barnes Combo (Tiny Tike CMP 1030), 1969
Christmas Tree (Ralph O'Brien)--Same.



Ernie said...

"Mistery", I see what you did there!

Steve Turner said...

So many pleasant details; the quilt for warmth in the sleigh, Santa's missing hat, and the winking sun. Thanks for sharing this.

Aging Child said...

Very cute -- thanks for sharing, Lee. Merry New Year to you and Bev and the catherd!