Tuesday, January 02, 2018

A cherry Xmas: "Christmas Holds No Joy for Me"--Harry Black (1928)

Please don't be misled--I do want you to have a joyful ninth day of Christmas.  I want everyone to.  Harry Black, however, harbors terrible memories of the holiday--memories that sound like something out of a sad 1928 country song.  By no coincidence, this is a sad 1928 country song, concocted by Carson Robison and Frank Luther.  Thanks a lot, Carson and Frank.

The flip side, Jesus the Light of the World, is much cheerier, if that helps.  Far more conventional Christmas fare, too.

Click here to hear: Christmas Holds No Joy for Me--Harry Black (1928)

Christmas Holds No Joy for Me--Harry Black, 1928
Jesus, the Light of the World--Same



Ernie said...

Don't hear this one every day!

Aging Child said...

Heh; any chance that Mr. Black's middle name is Ebenezer?

Anyway, happy ninth day of Christmas... and merry new year, too, Lee!

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Ernie--Definitely not a repeat-play side.

Aging Child--Same to you. In defense of Mr. Black, he's just operating in the tragic old-time country ballad tradition. I think such tunes were on the brink of vanishing by 1928.

CaptainOT said...

Another great find Lee! Thanks for sharing!