Wednesday, January 03, 2018

The Christmas Story--Music by William Billings

Another flexi disc Christmas selection for our holiday period, The Christmas Story, with music by the great William Billings, arranged by Leonard Van Camp (1934-2003).

Maybe the best selection I've put up for 2017, the quality of music and performance is astonishing, and the Eva-Tone Soundsheet yields uncharacteristically good sound when reduced to mono.  Forgive the moments of double-tracking (or whatever the correct term is)--i.e., a kind of groove bleed-through, which I've read is the sign of a very good, sensitive stylus.  Maybe I should have used my cheaper Stanton stereo needle for this cartridge for less bleed-through.

No date on the disc, but the choral music for this was printed in 1974, so we can figure (i.e., guess) the disc is from the same period.

On line, I see no reference to a regular LP issue of this performance, which seems weird, again in part because of the sheer quality of performance and recording.  Anyway, a gem for our tenth day of Christmas.

Click here to hear: The Christmas Story--SIUE Concert Chorale

The Christmas Story--Music by Wm. Billings--Arr. by Leonard Van Camp The Concert Chorale, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, Leonard Van Camp, Director.


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