Sunday, December 16, 2018

21 Christmas Songs By the Caroleers, not 16, and not by the Caroleers (Prom Records--or is it Promenade?)

(Post revised)

I have four discs that most likely came with this sleeve.  I store my EP sleeves and discs separately to protect the sleeves, and matching them back up is usually no problem, but there are discrepancies here.  I have twenty selections; this sleeve says sixteen.  The Caroleers are not credited on the labels, and the labels are Promenade, not Prom (but it's the same outfit, so no biggie). Additionally, the labels say Christmas Favorites, not Christmas Songs.  But these discrepancies aren't major ones by junk-label standards, so I'm guessing it's a match.  Plus, my four discs are clearly mint, so they likely came inside the sleeve when I bought this from eBay.  (I don't remember for sure.)

I initially thought there might have been a fifth EP, because I was counting number of cuts (12) instead of number of songs (20).  Also, two of the sleeve titles don't show up on the EPs (Kris Kringle Jingle and Snow Flakes).  As Bev would always say, confusion reigns.

Let's say these are the discs that came with this sleeve.  "These are the discs that came with his sleeve."  Thank you.

Again, a mismatch on this scale is certainly possible from Synthetic Plastics Co., the folks behind this set.  The sleeve/label inconsistencies are not out of keeping with cheap label carelessness.  After all, these folks saved on quality control by not having any.

I added Sing a Kris Kringle Jingle (shown as Kris Kringle Jingle on the sleeve) to the list, ripping it from my vinyl 78 rpm single, so we actually have twenty-one selections.  I said twenty.  If I become any more confused, I'll forget my name.  By the way, what is my name?

There's a scary Santa-style narration on Track 5 and I guess it's Santa himself on Track 11.  Some of these titles came out as singles on the Peter Pan label.  This is our chance to hear what a mint group of Prom/Promenade EPs sounded like.  Answer: Pretty good, with some surface noise just before and just after some tracks.  Silent Night has major pressing issues toward the end, but I don't recall any other moments like it in this set.

To the 21 selections: Christmas Favorites (Promenade CHR-1-2-3-4)

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town--Promenade Orchestra and Chorus
Jingle Bells--Adeste Fideles--Same
Winter Wonderland--Billy Reed, Promenade Orchestra
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer--Promenade Orchestra and Chorus
Deck the Hall--Good King Wenceslas, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Joy to the World--Same
Home for the Holidays--Frank Moon, Vocal, w. the Promenade Orch.
White Christmas--Promenade Orchestra and Chorus
Silent Night, O Little Town of Bethlehem--Same
Nuttin' for Christmas--Bob Stain w. the Promenade Orchestra and Chorus
Frosty the Snowman--Promenade Orchestra and Chorus
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, Away in A Manger, The First Noel, Hark The Herald Angels Sing--Same
Sleigh Ride--Laura Leslie w. the Promenade Orchestra
Sing a Kris Kringle Jingle--Bobby Stewart with the Peter Pan Orch. and Chorus



Richard N said...

Thank you, Lee for this and so many other great offerings.


Ernie said...

Sometimes I wonder if all of these even left the factory with the same records. Hard to say what the 'right' records might be. :)

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Richard N--My pleasure! These have been a lot of work, but it's fun work.

Ernie--Exactly. In my first post draft, I had a dialogue between SPF workers. New employee: "Hey, we put in the wrong records." Older employee: "Yeah? So? Oh, wait--you must be that new hire."

I had some good lines in my first draft that got lost when I had to quickly revamp things. I'd already posted it before realizing I'd counted the tracks/bands instead of the songs. 12 tracks, but 20 songs. I was focusing on the credit mismatches and such, and miscounted the selections! I was four over, not four under. Not that it matters at all! I love micro-analyzing things that the creators clearly didn't put any love into!

Diane said...

Synthetic Plastics -- yeah, wow, that's cool, let's use that name for our record label! (Actually said by someone somewhere sometime. Wow.)

Lee Hartsfeld said...

SPC was about the worst. The cheapie least concerned with product quality, which was probably an oxymoron to them. What I don't get is the "Synthetic" part. As opposed to what? Plastic that occurs naturally? Yes, I remember all those fun plastic hunts of my youth--out in the woods, combing the floors--er, ground--for plastic.

SPC hid behind a huge number of label names. They even did fake hits into the 1960s. One of their 45 labels was Yes. Power, I think, was another.

This train wreck of a release rivals even the most careless Eli Oberstein packagings. Eli didn't care if the track listings matched or if the jacket said Royale and the label said Ultraphonic. But this set would have had Eli dying of envy.

Kwork said...

Love this, and the humor of the comments. Thanks.