Saturday, December 29, 2018

An Hour of Christmas Orchestral Music--Royale Concert Orch. (Entire LP, this time); Gilmar 78 rpm EP fun

Today, the return of my eight-selection Gilmar 78 rpm EP, Christmas Favorites, which obviously originated with the Tops label.  My clue?  The "Tops All-Star Orchestra and Chorus" credit.  After you've been blogging for a while, you develop these Holmes-level skills of deduction.  You have to put in a lot of time, though.  Doesn't happen overnight.

The record is beat-up, but plays very nicely with my regular (.7 mil) LP needle.  The tracks are from different sources and eras, so there's no consistency, fidelity-wise.  I tweaked the treble rolloff for max upper range, since a few of the tracks sound pretty muffled.  I'm sure Tops/Gilmar put zero effort into balancing out the sound.

People have asked for Side A of An Hour of Christmas Orchestral Music, and so I ripped it and added it to Side B.  We now have a complete rip.  And the A side is very nice--I should've ripped it in the first place, but I was in a hurry or something.  Not sure.  I'd blame it on the cats, but I can't think of any way to pull that off.  Um... they, er... they were being cats, and so I was only able to manage a Side B rip.  Yeah, that 's it!  The cats were being cats.

Seriously, the first side is lovely, and it provides nice contrast to the peppier flip, with its mislabeled tracks and double(d) versions of Jingle Bells and March of the Toys.  Only problem is some annoying rumble in the quieter spots, and I think it's just the usual bit of good sides vs. crappy mastering.  This is a Record Corporation of America product, after all.  But, man, what a great cover.  And does anyone besides me use the adjective "peppier" anymore?


Click here to hear:  Christmas Favorites (Gilmar RX100)
Click here to hear:  An Hour of Christmas Orchestral Music--Entire LP

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Frosty, the Snowman
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Jingle Bells
White Christmas
Silent Night
O Come All Ye Faithful
Deck the Halls

Christmas Favorites--Tops All-Star Orchestra and Chorus (Gilmar RX100; 78 rpm EP)

Silent Night, Holy Night
The First Noel
Adeste Fidelis
O Little Town of Bethlehem
We Three Kings of Orient Are
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Angels We Have Heard on High
Jingle Bells
White Christmas
March of the Toys
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
March of Toys
Jingle Bells

An Hour of Christmas Orchestral Music--Royale Concert Orch. (Halo 51500)  Jacket says 1957, discogs says 1956.  Take your pick.



Buster said...

That is a great cover. In keeping with the ethos of the label, it was stolen from whatever Christmas cards happened to be at hand.

Gilmarvinyl said...

Thanks for the uploads, however the link for the Gilmar Christmas EP is sadly missing... could you possibly see to it that we get the link?

Gilmar was it's own label from what I can tell, but obviously it traded tracks with other labels like any other budget label. I have dozens of releases, I am particularly fond of their eight selection 45 rpm EP's, they are so interesting. I also have a number of Tops, Hit Parade, Prom/Promenade, and such releases as well. I have so many due to the fact that when a thrift store gets them, they typically come in large stacks. I guess when you find a collection from a person that bought bugdet releases like these, the person either bought one and never bought one again, or they were a loyal customer and you have an entire year or so worth of releases.

DonHo57 said...

No active link for the Gilmar LP?
I'll wait to listen to it all and not just the Halo portion. Thanks, Lee.

I hear the cats are plotting something for getting blames for this snafu. Be very careful...

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Buster--Sure looks that way!

Gilmar, Don--Link is up now. Sorry about that. I was having weird issues with this post this morning. It was either Blogger being difficult, or me not being fully awake. I know for a fact I put in the link. But it didn't take, for some reason. Operator error is a possibility....

Gilmar, Do you mean stacks of the EPs? i never find stacks of those! My cheap label EPs are largely eBay purchases--I wait for them to show up cheap and, when I'm lucky, in groups. The ones I encounter in the thrifts are trashed as a rule. The Tops/Broadway/Ultraphonic Tops in Pops-type stuff used to show up fairly regularly, but not so much these day.

Ernie said...

Thanks Lee! Looking forward to hearing the flip side of this one. How far did it come from being the advertised one hour of music? :)

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Approximately 34 minutes. That's only cheating by 26 minutes!

Gilmarvinyl said...

Yes, stacks, sometimes up to six inches thick. I have not seen much of them these days.

Kwork said...

Thank you for the full album. Much appreciated.