Monday, December 03, 2018

Christmas 2018, Part 8!--The shellac keeps spinning!

Yes, the holiday shellac keeps spinning here at MY(P)WHAE.  Guess I'll have to have the turntable looked at.  (Canned laughter.)  But, seriously....

No Christmas is complete without Gennett Sound Effects, and you know it.  Here, we get one side of continuous "Horse and Sleigh" sounds--lots of fun at parties--and a deconstructionist side featuring "Approach, Pass, Recede," "Approach and Stop," "Riding in Sleigh," and "Running Over People."  No, just kidding.  And "Start and Recede."  The last one is over almost before it starts, but I gave all four bands their own file.  I have no idea why.  Oh, I remember--because I can't cram all those subtitles into a single listing.

Vernon Dalhart returns to the blog with 1928's Hooray for St. Nick and Santa Claus, That's Me! and, boy, is my copy in other-than-mint condition.  But I heard two awful-sounding postings at YouTube, so here we are with a file which, despite the noise, sounds like a guy singing with a  guitar accompanying him.  The ones I heard on line sound like cries for help from another planet picked up on a transistor radio.  1939's Jingle Bells Fantasy is a delightful Rosario Bourdon arrangement, and my copy is a reissue from whenever.  A quick search didn't yield a year.  The fortissimo ending is all shredded grooves, but I used my 2.7 mil needle on that part, and did some filtering, and I think I saved it.  The rest sounds awesome.

The two Eddie Unger compositions are on the Unger Music label, so we can assume they're Unger-approved, and possibly the original versions.  Unger's Put Christ Back Into Christmas was recorded by a bunch of people, though, thankfully, his I'd Like to See My Mom for Christmas was not.  The latter is pretty amateurish--not near the level of its flip.  And we have Merv Griffin and Freddy Martin, from 1949, giving us the Merry Christmas Polka, and no Christmas is Christmas without Merv.  This is from the DJ 78 pressed in clear green vinyl.  Then it's Jack Owens with a well-sung White Christmas, and a novelty number co-written by Jack that I don't find very amusing--The Mistletoe Song.  But it's your opinion which matters, not mine.  What else?  Oh, yeah--two wonderful sides by a German brass ensemble.  Specifically, Blaserchor unter Leitung von Professor Hugo Rudel.  I wasn't able to find a year.  It's on RCA Victor, but the prefix is a mystery.  1950-ish?  Vom Himmel Hoch might be my favorite Luther composition.  The guy was one heck of a musician, in case you didn't know.

The 1909 Stille nat, Helige nat is a Victor label side by the Zonophone Orch., only disguised as a Norwegian issue.  Some of the ethnic sides from the acoustical period were U.S.-produced recordings masquerading in this fashion.  Cool, creaky sound.  The band takes it so slow, you almost wonder if the members were fully awake.  But it's still cool.  And there's the Collegiate Choir and the Criterion Quartet on a 1924 Brunswick issue, though the Quartet side sounds earlier.  And yet another "Fantasy"--this time, organist Mark Andrews, from 1925.  Bear with the groove wear at the start--the sound quickly improves.  The classic Glenn Miller Jingle Bells is from my 78 copy, though Windows Media Player seems to think I got it from a CD.

Click here to hear:  Christmas 2018, Part 8

Jingle Bells Fantasy (Arr: R. Bourdon)--RCA Victor Salon Orch., Dir. Rosario Bourdon, 1939
Merry Christmas Polka--Merv Griffin, w. Freddy Martin and His Orch., 1949
Put Christ Back Into Christmas (Eddie Unger)--Organta Trio, feat. Jack Allyn
I'd Like to See My Mom for Christmas (Eddie Unger)--Bob Jones with the Williams Sextette
Christmas Carols--Collegiate Choir, 1924
Christmas Fantasy--Pts. 1 and 2--Mark Andrews, Pipe Organ Solo, 1925
The Mistletoe Song (Owens-Tobias)--Jack Owens and Sam Cowling, Eddie Ballantine O., 1947
White Christmas--Jack Owens w. Eddie Ballantine and His Orch., 1947
Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her (Luther)--Blaserchor unter Leitung von Professor Hugo Rudel, Brass Ensemble
Lobt Gott ihr Christen allzugleich--Same
Jingle Bells--Glenn Miller Orch. w. Tex Beneke, Ernie Caceres, and the Modernaires, 1941
Stille nat, Helige nat--Apollo Musikkorps (Zonophone Orch.), 1909
Day of the Lord (A Carol Scene)--Criterion Quartet, 1924
Horse and Sleigh (Continuous)--Gennett Sound Effects 1195
Horse and Sleigh--Approach, Pass, Recede--Same
Horse and Sleigh--Approach and Stop--Same
Horse and Sleigh--Riding in Sleigh--Same
Santa Claus, That's Me! (Heagney)--Vernon Dalhart, 1928
Hooray for St. Nick (White)--Vernon Dalhart, 1928



Buster said...

"Cries for help from another planet picked up on a transistor radio" - sounds like some of my posts.

Typically amazing variety here!

Ernie said...

Thanks again for the wonderful variety of stuff, Lee. I love the old Christmas sides and you find the most amazing stuff!

Diane said...

These are awesome, Lee! And I'm wondering - Is Merv's "Christmas City" in sight this year, or did I miss it? It's for sure going on any album of Duluth's greatest tunes.

Lee Hartsfeld said...


Yes, "Christmas City" is coming up, plus its flip! Probably next post.

Kwork said...

Love these VA comps you come up with. Wonderful! Thank you.

Kwork said...

Lee, I see parts 1-4 and 8. What happened to parts 5 6 and 7? Thanks.