Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas is for kiddies, Part 2--Labels are strange

You'll notice that the Peter Pan fake-hit versions of 1956's Love Is Strange and 1957's La Dee Dah have Christmas label designs.  Don't ask me.  An accident?  The label's notion of a Christmas single for kids?  Dunno.  But I ripped them both.  My 2.7 mil 78 need sounded best, though I tried at least two other needles.  There's a science to this.

The 1951 Golden Records version of Parade of the Wooden Soldiers is superb, and this is probably my best-ever rip of the track, thanks to VinylStudio's curve-adjusting feature.  I included the flip, Bob Merrill's Sparrow in the Treetop, rewritten for kids ("Children's Lyric").  The original words would be a little over the heads of the young ones, maybe, since they involve a sparrow afraid to come home late, lest his wife think he's been hanging around the wrong nest.  Also recorded at 78 rpm on yellow vinyl and less than 7" (never did figure out the radius of these) is Frosty the Snow Man, with side 2 sung by Frosty himself, and I can't think of any wordplay here, so I'll just say, "sung by Frosty himself."  Wait, I know--I don't carrot all for his singing.  Get it?  Carrot all?

And this year's rerun of the delightful 1962 classic Santa's Christmas Party by Ruth White, sounding better than ever, thanks to my 1 mil LP needle.  (Gotta include the technical specs so I sound like I have any idea what I'm doing.)  Ruth White, believe it or not, is this Ruth White.

Let me make sure I've migrated these tracks, then I'll get a zip done, and then....

Click here to hear: Christmas Is for Kiddies, Part 2

Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (Jessel)--Anne Lloyd, The Sandpipers, Mitchell Miller and Orch., 1951
Sparrow in the Treetop (Merrill)--Same
Frosty the Snow Man (Nelson-Rollins)--Pat O'Malley, The Sandpipers, Mitchell Miller and Orch., 1951
Santa's Christmas Party (Ruth White)--Narration: Kathryn Hume, Sung By Grace Lynne Martin, 1962
Love Is Strange--Ricky and Sally, 1956? (Peter Pan 10, 7" 78 rpm)
La Dee Dah--The Grasshoppers, 1957? (Peter Pan 10, 7" 78 rpm)



Buster said...

That La Dee Dah and Love Is Strange coupling sure is an odd one for kids, especially with Santa and Frosty on the labels!

"La dee dah, oh boy, let's go, cha-cha-cha" - when the lyricist runs out of ideas.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

He probably spent all night!

Ernie said...

Love a good cha cha cha!

Kwork said...

Coolness! Never too old for Kiddie records.