Friday, December 07, 2018

Christmas Songs and Carols (Singcord ZLP 872S)--Sixteen Singing Men, Caravan Singers, more!

A highly entertaining 1972 V.A. (various artists) LP on the religious label Singcord, the tracks selected from other Singcord LPs.  Behold:

I loved every track except the two Jerry Barnes numbers--too much Vaughn Monroe in his voice.  (Well, actually, he's not that nasal.)  But he did a terrific LP with the Kurt Kaiser Singers on Word called Hymntime Sing-Along, a medley of classic gospel numbers.  Sixteen Singing Men are always wonderful to hear, Jimmie McDonald is outstanding, and the two very period Caravan Singers tracks steal the show, especially We Wish You a Merry Christmas.  Like the Terry Baxter LP last post, this is stylistically diverse, and it'll have me grabbing any other Singcord LPs I spot in the thrifts (except any Jerry Barnes solo efforts).  Religious LPs rarely show up in mint shape, but I don't think this one was touched by a needle before I got my mitts on it.  To the various Singcord artists:

Click here to hear: Christmas Songs and Carols (Singcord ZLP 872S; 1972)



Ernie said...

Thanks Lee! Couple of those covers on the flip side look familiar, but some others I'd love to find. Thanks for ripping and sharing. :)

DonHo57 said...

I'm thankful someone out there agrees with me about Monroe's a music teacher I know he could have done better, I guess people liked that sound too much to do otherwise. (How can you enjoy that sound??? Lol...)

Lee Hartsfeld said...


Sure! I don't think I've seen any of the LPs pictured, but maybe I did and passed them up. I shouldn't have!


Yeah, I think he had the potential to be an excellent vocalist, but something wrong was happening! It's like he was swallowing his tone....

Kwork said...

Hahahaha The comments. I like Monroe just fine. Of course I think Bob Dylan and Maria Callas are equally as good, so don't mine me. I'd love to have heard a Janis Joplin/Nana Mouskouri duet. Thanks for the share of course!