Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Salvation Army Presents "Army of Stars"," Christmas 1964--Hosted by Ronald Reagan

Brief narrations by Ronnie Raygun open and close this 1964 Salvation Army Christmas LP.  "Army of Stars," it's called, and since they're using quotes, I am, too.  Otherwise, I'd use italics.  Ken Koury conducts the ABC Army of Stars 43 piece orchestra (the cover didn't use quotation marks that time), and I just now discovered that "ABC Army of Stars" yields an entire four Google matches.  Great singing, with terrific work by the Azusa College Chorale.  Since you asked about Azusa College, which is now Azusa Pacific University (you didn't?), here's its history.

Cool album, nice sound, and I was able to remove 99.5 percent of the bad scratch on The Lord's Prayer.  You wouldn't know it had been there, except I just told you, so now that's out of the bag.  Hm.  Out of the bag.  Cat's out of the...  Wait.  Cats.  The cats need food.  Time to feed them!

While I'm feeding the round-faced furry ones, enjoy the Salvation Army's 1964 "Army of Stars"!

CLICK HERE TO HEAR: Army of Stars 1964

"Army of Stars" Theme, w. Ronald Reagan Introduction
The Holy City (Adams)--Glade Peterson
Eri Tu Che Macchiavi (Verdi)--John Shaw
The Lord's Prayer (Karla Carey)--Dorothy Cole, Azusa College Choir
Di Provenza Il Mar (Verdi)--Thomas Stewart
For Unto Us a Child Is Born (Handel)--Azusa College Choir
Cantique de Noel (Adolphe Adam)--Dorothy Cole
Closing Theme, w. Ronald Reagan



Ernie said...

Nice! Been thinking of running the series of these for years, but I don't think I have a majority of them yet. There seem to be quite a few.

Buster said...

Nice one, Lee - I've never seen one of these Salvation Army LPs for Christmas.

Brad R-M said...

Man, that cover is fab!

Kwork said...

Nice. I enjoy this kind of record. Thank you!