Thursday, December 13, 2018

Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle (You Come Down from the Stars)

This gorgeous seven-inch Italian picture record, sort of a semi-flexi disc, showed up for me at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift that I go to all the time.  Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle (You Come Down from the Stars) is an Italian Christmas carol written in 1732.

"Homage of the orphans of the Desenzano del Garda to their benefactors" says the reverse side.  There's a long introduction spoken by a young boy, and I don't understand a word, but it's wonderful to listen to.  This is followed by a hauntingly beautiful rendition of the carol.  A gem.

Click here to hear: You Come Down from the Stars



Ernie said...

Pretty cool. You just never know what you're gonna find, though the St. Vincent De Paul stores near me aren't all that good. The one up in St. Pete is pretty good though, and the one in Tampa is hit-or-miss. Look at me, I'm a thrift store connoisseur!

Buster said...

How unusual!

Lee Hartsfeld said...


I have very fond memories of thrifting in Florida when I was stationed in Pensacola. I envy you, though central Ohio has been good to me, thrifting-wise, especially when I lived in Columbus. But around about the mid-'90s, the Columbus thrifts started closing. I was living on the north side in a thrifting paradise, and suddenly the Salvation Armies, VOAs, and Goodwills downsized like crazy. Even here in Metro Columbus, three of the small-town SAs and Goodwills are now gone. Bad economy? eBay?


Yes, and in a good way, for once! Beautiful graphics and music. I feel guilty, as I probably only paid 50 cents, if that. I walk out of St. Vincents with a nice little pile of sound recordings, and I'm only out two or three bucks.

Buster said...

When I started going to thrifts many years ago, they were dumpy places in inner-city neighborhoods. Those are all gone now, replaced by large outfits in suburban locales that have the air of a Walmart. These new mega-thrifts are not nearly as interesting.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Agreed. Absolutely. When they were junk shops, they were perfect. To travel back to 1968 to the Toledo Salvation Army stores.... I'd give my Batman cards for that chance.

Yeah, the shop I described--the one with the $5.99 vinyl stickers on the grooves--started as a semi-mega outfit. Big but honest. Now it's set up to exploit the poor. In that sense, the thrifts are becoming more American. Even Goodwill has areas featuring cheap new dollar-store-style crap. It's true that, as we age, the past seems like it was a better place, but sometimes it was.

Ernie said...

Yeah, same story here. Many of the small dingy thrift stores have been replaced by the custom-built Goodwill palaces. Records are as high as $2.18 in some of them, if they are even stocked. They aren't always available. But if you hunt around, there are still a few small mom and pop places that will have a stack of records in the back. They are few and far between and infrequently bring in new stuff, but I find nicer stuff sometimes. :) Yesterday is always better than today, right?

Kwork said...

Wonderful! Thank you.