Saturday, November 21, 2015

Christmas 78s, Part 1: 1911-1925!

Just in time for the 2015 Honda Days, fifteen 78s from my collection, ripped and restored by me with my MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX program.  In 1925, the Shannon Quartet was about to become The Revelers.  Meanwhile, The Columbia Quartette better known to us shellac collectors as The Peerless Quartette:

To the music: Christmas 78s 2015, Pt. 1

Jingle Bells--Shannon Quartet, 1925
On a Christmas Morning--Descriptive (Currie)--Prince's Orch., 1911
Adeste Fideles--Thomas Mills and Charles A. Prince, Chimes and Organ, 1911
Children's Toy March (Currie)--Prince's Band, 1911
Children's Symphony (Haydn)--Pince's Orch., 1913
Around the Christmas Tree (Prince)--Prince's Orch. w. Mixed Quartette, 1913
Joy to the World--Trinity Choir, 1911
Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful--Trinity Choir, 1911
Snow Time--Columbia Quartette, 1911
Kiddies' Patrol (Christmas Eve)--Brunswick Concert Band, 1920
Kiddies' Dance (Christmas Morning)--Brunswick Concert Band, 1920
Overture Miniature (Tchaikowsky)--Arthur Pryor's Band, 1912
Good Christian Men Rejoice--Temple Quartet, 1925
Come Ye Thankful People, Come--Temple Quartet, 1925
Nut Cracker Ballet (Tchaikowsky)--Arthur Pryor's Band, 1911

Merry Shellacmas!!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day 2015--with your host, EW2 Hartsfeld

Your blogger, 29 years ago, when he was EW2 Hartsfeld:

It was the fourth year of my second enlistment, and I'd decided not to reenlist--this kid was heading to Ohio and Bowling Green State University.  When I got there, I had $225 a month to help me survive, thanks to the Navy's Veterans Educational Assistance Program.  And so I worked all sorts of part-time jobs--carpet cleaning, sweeping, busing tables, and like that.  Sometime during my senior year, I even had a car--a $300 Chrysler boat from the late 1970s that required ten minutes of gas-pedal pumping to start.  Prior to that, I had to walk everywhere I wanted or needed to be, so I was fairly fit--which, unfortunately, didn't put a dent in my asthma.

Anyway, how I missed the days of catching a train to Yokohama, cruising antique shops in Hong Kong, buying vinyl albums in Australia, and (in my first go-round) hopping the train to Edinburgh, Scotland to buy 78s.  At least I got to live off campus, and within walking distance of  a small, old fashioned convenience store.  (The closest supermarket was a bit out of the way.)

Also during my senior year, one of the profs in my major asked about my military service.  "This must be quite an adjustment," he said.  He was right, of course.  That shook me a little--no prof, in or out of my major, had ever asked me about my service!  Ah, well.  This was 1989, and no one had gotten the "Thank our vets for their service" memo.

Jump to 2005, and I'm hosting three or four blogs.  My second, Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else, enjoys its share of popularity, and eventually I stick with it only, discontinuing Fields on Fire, LeeWorks, and Vintage Lounge.    Jump forward 10 years, and we're at this post, where I've just linked to seven great patriotic 78s, some from back when my late grandfather was a teen.  All but one of these is a fresh rip.  A few sides are fairly hammered, but, hey--they're 78s.

Click here to hear: Vets Day 2015

The Trumpeter (Descriptive Ballad)--Raymond Newell, Baritone; Ion Swinley, Narrator, 1929.
War Songs--Victor Male Chorus, with Orch., 1913.
Sailor Song--The Peerless Quartet, 1915.
American Fantasie (Victor Herbert)--New York Police Band, 1920.
We're Going Over--Medley--Pietro, Piano Accordion Solo, 1917.
Call to Arms (Descriptive)--Peerless Quartet, 1915
American Patrol (Meacham)--Howard Kopp, Xylophone w. Orch., 1915.

All ripped and destroyed--er, restored--by me from my collection.


Sunday, November 01, 2015

Ghost Cat Presents... Three last-minute Halloween pieces!!

Three original pieces, and with only minutes to spare (before it's Nov. 1).  The first, Thirteen Kitties, is a tribute to our thirteen cats.  Nothing like having thirteen cats on Halloween.  Next, Midnight at the Thrift Store.  Midnight at the thrift store has to be pretty spooky, especially on Halloween, when the ghosts of all the unsold thrift items come back to haunt whatever "new" items are taking their former shelf spots.  And, finally, Hauntovani Waltz No.2.  It's a waltz, and it's the second.

To the last-minute sounds: Three Last-minute Halloween pieces

Thirteen Kitties (2015)
Midnight in the Thrift Store (2015)
Hauntovani Waltz No. 2 (2015)

All composed and played by Lee Hartsfeld on his Casio WK-3800, with multi-tracking and effects.


Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Haunted Victrola returns!!--Isham Jones, Oriole Orch., Red Nichols, more!

What do you call a record thief?  A groove robber!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!

Sorry.  Anyway, the Haunted Victrola is wound up and ready to grind out the grim grooves of thirteen more terrifying titles from the cobwebbed corners of my 78 collection, or something like that.  I did some Googling to determine whether or not "witch hazel" (or, in this case, "Which Hazel"--ha, ha!) has a Halloween association in our pop culture, and, yes, it does.  So, we'll be hearing Al Herman's Which Hazel, whose lyrics include the phrase "padded cell."  My kind of lyrics.  Edward MacDowell's Witches' Dance was composed in 1883, and it contains many of the standard melodic and harmonic musical cliches of this season.  Which is to say, those cliches were around that early (and probably earlier), proving that nothing is new under the moon.  George L. Cobb's Peter Gink uses themes from Grieg's music for Peer Gynt (the source of the Halloween standard, In the Hall of the Mountain King), so that's why it's here.  Last time, we heard Zez Confrey's solo piano version of his Greenwich Witch--now we get to hear Frank Westphal's slower but just as jazzy band version.

And there are nine other jazzily jarring, creakily quirky, and disturbingly delightful dance doings and concert concoctions sure to keep the Halloween crowd crashing your crypt to join your Spook Age Boo-chelor Pad party.  Just don't send them over here--they're your worry!

Click here to hear: The Haunted Victrola, Part 2


Ah-Ha! (Clare-Monaco)--Paul Whiteman and His Orch., 1925
Jabberwocky--Joseph Samuels' Jazz Band, 1921
Peter Gink--Columbia Band, Dir. Charles A. Prince, 1918
Greenwich Witch (Confrey)--Frank Westphal and His Orch., 1922
The Sneak! (Nacio Herb Brown)--Club Royal Orch., 1922
Which Hazel (Abner Silver)--Al Herman, 1921
In the Hall of the Mountain King (Grieg)--Victor Symphony Orch., 1926
Eccentric--Red Nichols and His Five Pennies, 1927
Prelude in C Sharp minor (Rachmaninoff)--Victor Concert Orch., Dir. Rosario Bourdon, 1928
Dangerous Blues (Brown-Brown)--Bernie Krueger's Orch., Voc: Al Bernard, 1921
Eccentric Rag (J. Russel Robinson)--Oriole Orch., 1924
Danger (Kahn-Jones)--Isham Jones Orch., 1925
Witches' Dance (MacDowell)--Leopold Godowsky, 1921 or 1922