Monday, October 20, 2014

Dinos meet Dracula!

So, I am back with more Halloween-dinosaur images.  Today's set of dino funnies features dinosaurs from my collection as they interact with Count Dracula, Frankenstein (a.k.a., the Frankenstein monster), mummies, pumpkin people, and the like.  I should note that my blogging schedule this Halloween has been affected by two minor setbacks: 1) a 48-hour hospital stay for pneumonia (after my blood pressure read 77/48 at the VA clinic!), and 2) the frying of my PC motherboard by a power surge, which removed access to all my photos scans.  Oops.  My PC is now an ex-PC, though our tech believes the hard drive data is probably savable.  Knock on wood.  (Rap, rap!  Oh, hi, accidentally summoned spirit.  Um....  Well, this is awkward.)

So, I've done some more photos and I scrounged a music track to be added to this post at the earliest opportunity.  Here's Dinos Meet Dracula!


Today's sick and sorry joke--Windstream DSL

Windstream DSL--the closest thing to having none at all.  Remember dial-up download times?  Triple those, and you have some concept of Windstream DSL performance, to the extent that Windstream DSL performance can be termed "performance."  Frankly, I think it's a monumentally slanderous moral affront to the concept thereof.

I didn't time it with a stopwatch, but I'm guessing the page-appearing time for their own site,, is about two and a half minutes.  Right--minutes.  Was dial-up-era page-loading time in minutes?  I don't recall that it was.  All this while our virus software announces a Malware threat from Windtream's own page., malware?  Hm.  You know, that could explain a lot.  I suppose that, in a manner of speaking, Windstream IS malware.  Its own worst enemy, as well as its hapless subscribers'.

We're in the country, and we're stuck with this sick and sorry excuse for Internet service.  So, is Windstream DSL better than nothing?  Not sure.  Define "better than."

Windstream DSL delivery agent, circa Oct., 2014


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I... what??

The classic pin-the-fox's-tail-on-the-gingerbread-man game.  Definitely a favorite from my youth.  Yours?


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dinosaurs in Space!

Dinosaurs in space!!  Only at MY(P)WHAE!!  Dig in and enjoy!!  Why am I writing like this!!  I don't know!!

Dinos, non-dinos, spaceships, robots, dino-quartets, used rocketships, and a host of fake Godzillas.  And... some original (and recycled) dinosaurs-in-space music to go with it all:

Click here to hear: Dinosaurs in Space (Hartsfeld)--Me, on my Casio WK-3800.

"Hey, who shrank the spaceship????"

"Stay really quiet, and maybe he won't see us."

"Ah, that dream again, where I'm standing up in a miniature space shuttle as a giant wax Sinclair Stegosaurus stares at me."

"Affirmative, Mission Control--eight of them.  Luckily, at the moment they seem more curious than hungry...."

First astronaut: "This is like herding dinosaurs."  Second astronaut: "That's what we're doing--herding dinosaurs."  First astronaut:  "Ah.  No wonder it seems like it."

"Well, whatever's in there, it's bite-sized.  We know that much."

The real Godzilla visits the Planet of Outrageously Fake Godzillas.

Postcard commemorating the event.

When the creatures of the Monster Planet hear the jingle of the ice cream ship, they come running.

Great moments in space dino intelligence: Search for the lost saucer.

"A little close harrrrrrmony!!"

VERSION 1: "No signs of life--just that giant red dinosaur statue.  At least, I hope it's a statue...."


"Mission Control, we are now being investigated by much cheaper-looking dinos."

Another great moment in space-dino smarts.


Thursday, October 09, 2014

Serious dinosaurs

These are serious dinosaurs--no dorky dinos here. From my boxes of dinosaur toys. Yes, these dinos are serious, in contrast to the occasional caption. Well, as serious as made-in-Hong-Kong and made-in-China dinos can be, but they try hard.

Tim-Mee, Marx (Marx copies?), Imperial, and Nabisco dinos, with who knows what else tossed in.  See them rampage.  See them wander aimlessly.  See them pose seven times on the same light blue Rubbermaid lid, which looks green in one shot because I messed with the color balance.

Can it get any sillier?  Yes, absolutely.  Next post: Dinosaurs in Space.

Music: Halloween Dinosaurs (Hartsfeld)--Me, on the Casio WK-3800.

                      Click here to hear: Halloween Dinosaurs (Hartsfeld)