Monday, February 03, 2014

Godzilla Suite (2010, Lee Hartsfeld)

Godzilla is back in town.  My eleven-part, 2010 tribute to the big green guy, plus two bonus Godzilla tracks.

You'll be hearing both live and step-recorded sounds--some from my Noteworthy Composer program, others from my long-gone Casio CTK-551.  Some tracks, like Godzilla Stomps Into Town, have been heavily altered with echo, time-stretching, multiple sampling, etc., so expect some odd sounds.  But how to musically depict the life, deeds, and many moods of Godzilla without the occasional weird stretch of sound?  Whatever I just typed.

Godzilla says, "REOOOAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!" ("I'm Godzilla, and I approve this music.")

Click where appropriate....

GODZILLA SUITE (Lee Hartsfeld, 2010)

1. Godzilla Disco

2.  Godzilla Rhapsody
3.  Godzilla Stomps Into Town
4.  Not Pleased By the Response, Godzilla Leaves and Stomps Back
5.  Godzilla in Therapy
6.  Godzilla in Show Biz
7.  The Godzilla Parade
8.  Godzilla Mystery Hour
9.  Godzilla Disco (Complete)
10.  Digital Godzilla
11.  Godzilla Rhapsody, Part 2


12.  Stairway to Godzilla (Hartsfeld, 2006)  
13.  Godzilla Rag (Hartsfeld, 1993)

Lee Hartsfeld on Casio CTK-551, Noteworthy Composer.


1 comment:

Aging Child said...

Hey, Lee - thanks for bringing this great one back; I had some of it, but not all. Will we be seeing Track 9, "Godzilla Disco (complete)" also?

Keep it up, fine sir - you are the (Ultra) Man!

Kind regards,
A. Gene Childe