Thursday, June 05, 2014

Pat Bagley editorial cartoon says it all....

Pat Bagley, staff cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune, is my new hero.  Yes, indeed.  Congress loves our vets so loudly and passionately, it's ready to do anything and everything for them--except, of course, adequately fund the VA.



Aging Child said...

The problem is how to fund the VA (i.e., key voting block) after you've cut taxes to historic lows (i.e., less money to fund WITH); any extra funds have already been allocated to underwrite tax breaks to big oil and the financial sector.

Is this correct, Lee?

A. Gene Childe

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Yes, but Congress has enough dough to lavish tons of it on defense contractors. But forget military members--we don't give kickbacks (or pre-kickbacks).

I don't think of vets as a voting bloc, really, since we're not exactly a united group, voting-wise. Like the religious, we run the gamut of social and political views.

Aging Child said...

Okay, I'll buy that, Lee - Thanks! No, wait... uh, will you take an IOU?

A. Gene Childe