Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A new scientific toy without precedent--1887's Polygraph

From The Youth's Companion, October 6, 1887.  We can assume the ad did not lie.

From the same magazine, a highly creative, modern-looking ad.  Well, except for the clothes....

Even the cures-everything tone of the ad text has a modern ring.


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Aging Child said...

Lee, you've got ony a few years on me; so I'm betting that the lie-free 1887 "Polygraph" says to you, too, "Victorian Spirograph" as much it does "protractor", right?

It would be interesting to find out that some little outfit somewhere is actually still selling those gizmos; I wouldn't mind giving it, uh, a whirl myself.


"Mr. Childe, have you ever been polygraphed?"

"Why, yes, officer, I have - just yesterday, in fact. That line was all over the page..."

Kind regards,
A. Gene Childe