Thursday, August 21, 2014

A mess of new posts at Lee's Comic Rack!

Well, three new posts.  But it seems like a mess.  (Wait a minute....)  I mean, like a mess of.  I mean....

The posts:

1)  A set of marvelous 1873 picture stories from The Little Corporal.

2)  "Froggie and His Friends" from the June., 1873 Our Young Folks.

3)  An early 19th century chapbook (about the size of a large postage stamp!) that could easily be reformatted into a comic book.

All this, and then some, at: Lee's Comic Rack



mel said...

Perhaps one way to clean up the mess could be to get back to the music that you (possibly) won't hear anyplace else...

Lee Hartsfeld said...

I'd love to, but the copyright cops won't let me--check out my late 2013 posts for a detailed account of this blog's bizarre run-ins with same. One of the tracks that got me in trouble was Merv with Freddy Martin, 1950, so you know nothing's safe. Music bloggers have no defense against this kind of insanity, save maybe for going private, blog-wise, which I don't feel like doing.

mel said...

Tres bizarre... and a great pity.

Aging Child said...

Lee, I agree with Mel: a bizarre pity. Thanks, nonetheless, for the firmness in thumbing your nose (that IS your thumb, isn't it?) at the nothing-better-to-do copyright police.

It really does seem you were singled out; a five-second look around the 'net via any of a number of enginess lands anybody on sites practically shoving copyrighted RECENT music into our startled hands for free.

So be it, then; you've been generously filling the sudden void with some of your original works... and a jaw-dropping selection out of your Vault of History, things we would never have glimpsed otherwise.

So: when life serves you lemons, slice 'em really thin, and drizzle them over fresh seafood. Fine by me... cheers, good sir!

Kind regards,
A. Gene Childe