Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween music by Lee, 2014

These Lee originals are all from 2009 or earlier.  In fact, Godzilla Rag is from 1993.  Most of these were step-recorded, which means I cheated.  The first and fifth tracks are piled with Magix filtering, hence the 1967-experimental sound.  And I've always wanted to type "1967-experimental."

Enjoy: Halloween Music By Lee

1.  Poker Night in Dracula's Castle
2.  Hauntovani Waltz No. 1
3.  Missile in the Moon
4.  The Dead Sitcom Zone
5.  Galaxies in Collision
6.  Ghost on the Stairs
7.  The Godzilla Rag

Composed and played (or programmed) by Lee Hartsfeld.



Anonymous said...

You say that like there is something wrong with 1967 experimental.--Bill

Lee Hartsfeld said...

I associate it with late-60s rock, which I don't like, by and large. I realize, of course, that "experimental" is hardly limited to rock.

My own experimental stuff--which, of course, is not experimental at all but highly derivative--is my attempt to sound like early-1950s tape music and '50s sci-fi soundtracks. I go for a sound from the early days of overdubbing and reverb, except I'm doing it digitally, which means I've got it a million times easier than the folks who stuck microphone in the piano hammers and who had to negotiate 500 audio cords to get a single, monophonic voice.