Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wow! The impossible has happened.

It's news enough when Google gives us a Doodle that's not stupid--it's universe-rattling news when Google gives us one that's charming and clever.  Am I dreaming?  Everything about their Vet's Day Doodle is right.  I love the "l."  I love the red, white, and blue lettering.

Maybe I'm overpraising it.  Maybe it's the shock of beholding a Doodle that looks like a grown-up conceived it.  Any way you slice it, this is Google showing actual respect for a holiday, and I hope this represents a policy change and not an accident of good taste.  A hand salute in return for this perfectly acceptable Google Doodle/logo/cartoon/brand sticker/whatever thingie:



Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,
I haven't checked your blog in a LONG time...
Are you still putting up super-cool 78s and the like?

- Dana Countryman

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Hi, Dana.

I'm afraid not. Except for the occasional original piece (this Halloween, and the previous one), no music. Reason being, the copyright cops kept coming after me, so I decided the risk was no longer worth it. (This was late last year.) One of the offending playlists was a Christmas group which included a 1950 Merv Griffin side with Freddy Martin! When the copyright police are THAT determined to bring down us little-guy bloggers, the writing's on the stall. So... I'm now comic book blogging. (See "Lee's Comic Rack.")

The copyright-cop mentality is beyond me. I'm a no-budget blogger sharing rips of his own records with a small group of followers--meanwhile, there's large-scale piracy happening on the Net, piracy involving recently recorded, first-time-in-print material that must be losing someone infinitely more $$ when it's swiped than a dang 1950 Merv side ripped from vinyl.

Of course, in this day of infinitely extended copyrights and CD re-re-re-re-reissues of hits by dead pop stars, a blogger hasn't got a prayer of a defense. We don't own what we consume; it owns us.