Thursday, November 12, 2015

PC Lee sez....



Aging Child said...

Ho-ho-ho, Lee:

Despite your yuletide visage near top, is it too late for you to rant about earlier-every-year Christmas? -- I mean, "the holidays"?

A nearby shopping area put up its "holiday" decorations before last weekend. The marked down Hallowe'en candy isn't even stale yet.

This leads to the inevitable questions we must howl and protest every early-November:

1) What happened to Thanksgiving? And:

2a) What does an illuminated elf climbing a ladder have to do with Jesus' birth? Or for pagans:
2b) What does an illuminated elf climbing a ladder have to do with the Winter Solstice?

Holding out for Pilgrims and Turkey,
A. Gene Childe

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Thanksgiving? What's that?

Actually, we should be glad Thanksgiving isn't a bigger holiday--think of all the PC animus it would receive. The nerve of thanking some so-called "God," etc. As it stands, the day receives a little heat for celebrating genocide, and that's about it. Christmas, being the biggest holiday on the planet, is the primary target, as we would expect it to be. Seculars get to complain that our planet's biggest bash ISN'T ABOUT THEM. How dare it not be??

Now you have me curious about elves--i.e., how they came to function as Christmas characters. Maybe they were originally something sinister, like back in 1345.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Actually, I didn't mean to suggest that elves were considered something sinister back in 1345. That sentence didn't come out right....