Saturday, March 05, 2016

The Antique Pops Hour, No. 1 (1901?-1927)

And this is the Antique Pops Hour, No. 1.  There's not quite an hour's worth of music here--closer to 28 minutes, actually.  But you can put each track on repeat play and get something in the area of an hour, so I stand by my description.

With that vital issue out of the way, here are ten tracks from my collection of old (as opposed to new) 78s, all ripped and restored by me and my MAGIX software.  Seems like I mention that every time I post 78s, and, sure enough, it's been true each time.  These selections date from 1901? to 1927, and of course 1901? was the year that preceded 1902? and followed 1900?  I'm going by two things on my 1901 guess: the matrix number and the spoken introduction.  If I'm matching the former against the right series, then it's 1901.  If not, then it's a ? year.

Most of these numbers are pieces which have enjoyed pops/mood/light concert/encore number/parlor/"Music to Relax By" status for quite some time.  On the other hand, Anona, while a very fun piece, doesn't appear to have lasted past its day (which, you'll recall, was 1901?).  And I don't reckon the equally fun Omena Intermezzo (no dash), has been heard in on the radio, in an elevator, or as a title in a "pops" program for many a moon.  Maybe this is because when we think "pops," we don't think banjo pieces.  Too bad, given that the banjo was a staple of the musical stage way back when.  The dying phase of that reality was captured on early sound recordings....

Click here to hear: Antique Pops Hour, No. 1


Waltzes from the Operetta, The Waltz Dream (Oscar Straus)--Prince's Orch., 1907
Dans Les Larmes (Berger)--Columbia Orchestra, 1905
Anona (Intermezzo; Two-Step) (Vivian Grey)--Columbia Band, 1903
Jolly Fellows Waltz (Robert Vollstedt)--Columbia Band, with Bell Effects, 1901?
Omena Intermezzo (Hartz)--Fred Van Eps, Banjo, 1912
William Tell Fantasie (Rossini)--William H. Reitz, Xylophone w. Orch., 1912
Love's Dream After the Ball--Intermezzo (Alphons Czibulka)--Eagle Trio, 1926
The Herd Girl's Dream--Idyl (August Labitzky) Eagle Trio, 1926
Soldier's Joy (Soldier's Joy, Young America Hornpipe)--Victor Orchestra, 1927
Lady of the Lake (Durang's Hornpipe, Old Zip Coon)--Victor Orch., 1927



mel said...

Thanks, Lee - although I'm not familiar with all of these works, I think I'll enjoy listening to them.

I like your logic regarding dating the recordings.

garrido said...

i liken your 78 record collection to the cy young memorial in newcomers town-the hits just keep on coming! this is a great chart of the times-thanks

Bob said...

Just a line to say thanks for the Christmas selections especially line material. Been fascinated with Christmas music ever since I could remember. Line material reflects an era when Christmas was so much simpler & when the magic shined upon the holiday.
Pittsburgh, PA.