Sunday, February 26, 2017

Early, early discs

Labels, we've got labels.  And discs to go with 'em, too.

And since I'm showing labels, here's the back of number four:

Boss, no?

So, early, early discs.  What's unique about early, early discs at this blog?  Nothing, of course, but I needed a good title, so "early, early" they are.  And, in fact, each and every one of these is more than 100 years old, so... yeah.

I should've named this post after the Columbia Band, which shows up in nearly half of these, and sounding good.

Gorgeous stuff, some of which has seen the light of blog before, but never sounding this beautifully inverse-RIAA'd.  We have raggy marches, orchestra bell solos, clock pieces, and more.  You'll be earlied-out when all of this is done, but we all need to get drunk on the past once in a while. Cheaper than beer.

I love the way the announcement for March Lorraine sounds more like "Ach! Torraine!" or something.  On early, early discs, the first several grooves were often the ones most shredded by tracking error, which meant the announcement ended up a garbled, scratchy tragedy.  But... the announcement to 1901's Good Bye, Dolly Gray is nearly all there, sound-wise, so we have that to be thankful for.  Great sounds--and, owing to their age, very, very early!

To the early, early sounds:   Early, Early Discs


March Loraine--Columbia Band, 1901
The Mosquito Parade (Whitney)--Columbia Band, 1900
Lerhone et la Sarone (Polka; Rouseel)--Banda de Artilleria, c. 1909
Anona (Intermezzo Two-step; Vivian Grey)--Columbia Band, 1903
The Jolly Coppersmith--Columbia Band, w. Anvil Effect and Vocal Chorus, 1902
Berta (Cake Walk and Two-step)--Banda Espanolo, 1906 (courtesy boppinbob)
Girlish Charms--Gavotte (E. Holst)--Howard Kopp, Bell Solo, w. Orchestra, 1913
Hearts and Flowers--Columbia Band, 1901
Silver Heels  (March and Two-step; Moret)--Columbia Band, 1905
Eternelle Ivresse (Heart's Springtime; Louis Ganne)--Columbia Band, 1904
Village Belles--Barn Dance (Kendall)--Prince's Orch., 1909
Life Preserver--Two Step--Victor Dance Orch., 1911
In the Clock Store (Orth)--Prince's Orch., 1915
Chinese Wedding Procession (Hosmer)--Prince's Orch., 1915
Good Bye, Dolly Gray--Columbia Quartette, 1901

Bonus tracks:

Maybe Yes--Maybe No--The Detroiters (Bob Haring), 1928 (Melody vastly similar to The Jolly Coppersmith)
In a Clock Store--George Blackmore, organist, Youtube video.



DonHo57 said...

Oh no..."File or folder link has been removed." Where did it fly off to, Lee???

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Oops. Let me correct that! Thanks for letting me know.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

I fixed it! Sorry about that. I test-downloaded, and it's there. And it's the right file.

I was half-awake when I did this post!

Aging Child said...

Half-awake or not, Lee, this is great stuff; profound thank-you to you, sir!

PS: Label no. 4 isn't just boss, it's bully!

Kind regards,
A. Gene Childe

Lee Hartsfeld said...

(Comment by Ernie, which I seem to have accidentally deleted!!??)

Are these what they mean when they talk about Golden Oldies? The thought of listening to 100 year old music just thrills me no end! Thanks for rescuing these from that dark corner of the Salvation Army store from which nothing ever returns.


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Apologies to Ernie. I must have hit the wrong option on your comment. Ironically, I sent it to the Blogger zone from which nothing returns!

I've never done that before. Now I can no longer claim that....

boppinbob said...

Hello Lee, regarding date for Berta (Cake Walk and Two-step)--Banda Espanolo, early 1900s. I found it as Cat No: A-0116 (Matrix 5663) and date given was 1906. Regards, Bob.

Lee Hartsfeld said...