Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Little Close Harmony--Vintage Barbershop (1906-1926)

Wow--I didn't realize I'd been absent from this blog for two months.  I'd have guessed one, not two.  Time flies when you're ill, I guess.  My apologies.

Today, 17 vintage barbershop recordings, all (as far as I know) by white quartets.  More on that later.  Some fabulous singing is coming your way.

In a follow-up post, I'll talk about my absence (ah, the joys of Prednisone!), and I'll give background on these (mostly) barbershop gems contained in today's playlist, all ripped by me from my shellac collection with Vinyl Studio and MAGIX software.  For now, here's the wonderful music:

Click here to hear: A Little Close Harmony

A Little Close Harmony (a.k.a., The Old Songs)--Criterion Quartet (1921)
Down at the Huskin' Bee (Same)
Sweet Adeline--Peerless Quartet, 1926
In the Evening By the Moonlight--Same
The Owl and the Pussycat (melody: De Koven)--Haydn Quartet, 1908
Bring Back My Bonnie to Me--Haydn Quartet w. Orch., 1906
Darling Nellie Gray--Peerless Quartet, 1925
Down By the Old Mill Stream--Brunswick Quartet, 1911
Way Down Yonder in the Cornfield--Imperial Quartet, 1915
Honey That I Love So Well--Chicago Glee Club (Male Quartet), 1911
You're a Great Big Blue-Eyed Baby--Heidelberg Quartet, 1913
And the Green Grass Grew All Around--American Quartet, 1913
Kentucky Days--Peerless Quartet, 1912
Rainbow (Wenrich)--Shannon Quartet, 1926
Red Wing (Mills)--Same
The Cross Bow (De Koven, from "Robin Hood")--Imperial Quartet, 1915



Anonymous said...

Welcome Back, Lee !
It's been a long time since I visited your wondrous site and especially to read your writings and music presentations or should I say, preservations. I've been tired too from time to time, but I have to sleep so I can stay awake, but still never seem to get enough shut-eye
So I'll leave the vintage TV shows on or music, so I awake to it somehow someway. Oh those 'lucid' dreams though when you become part of an ol' film or something like that, anyhow, glad your health is on the upswing, Around HaLEEween, I always look forward to your offerings and clever pics of your ephemera knick knacks, or click clacks from the records you play, Staying Tuned. Time to Sleep so I can awake again, hopefully
Byron, now only 56 young
Take Care Mr. H.

garrido said...

I certainly have appreciated your site, and all the work you have put into it. I remember when you polka'd for weeks! You always have the unusual and the best! Thanks Lee.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Byron and Garrdio,

Thanks for the well wishes and nice words! I think I'm getting better, though it's hard to know for sure--these are bad days for allergies! The weather decided to go from fall to winter the past couple of days, so we have a lot of people sniffling and scarfing down antihistamines.

Ohio, in short!

Aging Child said...

It's great to see you coming back up to speed, Lee - I'm sure the rest of your readership has shared this worry for you and Bev, and your fine catherd. Here's a Greek Orthodox Hallowe'en wish and prayer for a quick and complete turnaround - the rest of the way - for your health. Keep with the chicken soup, and whatever else the good Buckeye doctors recommend. Cheers, sir!