Sunday, January 28, 2018

18 Big Rock 'n' Roll Hits (Variety EPV-1801)

This gets complicated.  This 45 rpm three-EP set on the Variety label--18 Big Rock 'n Roll Hits--was also issued (earlier, I'm assuming) as a 12-inch LP on the mega-cheap Hollywood label.  That Hollywood LP was a reissue of an earlier Hollywood LP from 1957 called The Nation's Favorite Rock 'N Roll Hits.  My copy of the Hollywood LP (the reissue) is worn to death, so I'm using this set.

Well, I guess that wasn't too complicated.  Sound quality, predictably, is awful, making the above "Examination Certificate for Full Fidelity Response Recordings with Live Sound" (back cover of box) especially hilarious, since these have about a 9,000 Hz high end.  I doubt they top off at 15000 Hz, as claimed.  I got these to sound acceptable, and, in the process of ripping the final disc, I discovered that my Stanton 680 HiFi cartridge navigates warped vinyl effortlessly, in contrast to my 500 cart, which wants to bounce.

For lowest-quality EPs, these restored pretty well (with a good amount of de-clicking).  The performances are better than we have a right to expect, and some are even genuinely good.  And the version of Rock Around the Clock is my all-time favorite cheap-label version, despite the off-the-beat intro.  It found its way around the cheapo labels and may have originated on Gateway.  (Update: Nope, not the same version as Gateway Top Tune.  It's Gabe Drake on Prom 1118, poss. 1955)  Why it was included, I don't know, because the rest of the tracks are copies of 1956 hits, whereas RATC hit it big in 1955 (as a re-release).  But I don't complain--it's the perfect starter track.

"Reg. $16.00 value."  They wish. 

Click here to hear: 18 Big Rock 'n Roll Hits

1. Rock Around the Clock
2.  Long Tall Sally
3.  Blue Suede Shoes
4.  Ain't That a Shame
5.  Hound Dog
6.  See You Later Alligator
7.  Blueberry Hill
8.  Rip It Up
9.  I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
10.  Let the Good Times Roll
11.  The Fool
12.  Every Day
13.  When My Dreamboat Comes Home
14,  Why Do Fools Fall in Love
15.  Love, Love, Love
16.  Don't Be Cruel
17.  Ready Teddy
18.  I'm in Love Again

Vocal Stars of Radio & Television with Famous Orchestras (Variety EPV-1801, 3-EP, 45 rpm set, 1957?  Discs themselves are EPV-6025/26/27)

Above: label scan.  Suddenly, the set's name is "Rock n Roll," with half of the "n" missing.  Such loving care these guys took.



Bill said...

Thanks Lee. I'll file this right alongside the sets of unknown 45s from a few years ago. Besides, Vocal Stars of Radio & Television with Famous Orchestras is one of my favorite acts!

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Mine, too! They were so stylistically versatile. (:

Ernie said...

Rock Rock Rock!

Unknown said...

Could have been "Rocky Raccoon N Roll" for all we know.

Christopher tm said...

Say, what do you use to de-click? Inquiring minds and all that.


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Hi, Christopher. I use MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab MX. Kind of an old program by now, but it does the job. When de-clicking, I alternate between applying the de-clicking filter (on either the whole track, or select portions thereof) and the manual "Draw Wave Shape" tool for larger, louder clicks. The tool literally redraws the waveform--click spikes can be eliminated that way.

In short, a lot of work!

Christopher tm said...

Thanks for the tip and the quick response, Lee!


Pascal Jolly said...

Hello, I am also budget lover Labels and of course I have this lp with 2 different covers, here is the result of my research.

1. Rock Around the Clock - Dick Warren
2. Long Tall Sally - The Limelighters (same recording on Today's LP)
3. Blue Suede Shoes - Delbert Barker (cutted version)
4. Ain't That a Shame - Art Rouse
5. Hound Dog - Jimmy Breedlove
6. See You Later Alligator -
7. Blueberry Hill - Clarence Follett
8. Rip It Up - Jimmy Breedlove
9. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You - Ollie Jones
10. Let The Good Times Roll -
11. The Fool - Jimmy Breedlove
12. Every Day -
13. When My Dreamboat Comes Home - Ollie Jones
14, Why Do Fools Fall in Love - Eileen Scott
15. Love, Love, Love - The Cues
16. Don't Be Cruel - Ollie Jones (lead) & The Cues
17. Ready Teddy - Jimmy Breedlove
18. I'm In Love Again -

Everyone knows that The Cues was a regular group of sessions under various pseudonyms for many labels (The Four Students, The Boleros, The Playboys, The Gliders, The Rhythmakers, The Ivorytones, The Blues Kings, The Baritones), we can easily recognize the voice of Jimmy Breedlove on 4 tracks of this LP, and that of Ollie Jones (other members of the group) on 4 others, they will do the same on RCA Camden on the LP "Biggest Hits Of 58 RCA Camden 431" and the EP "The Stroll RCA Camden 448" under the pseudonym The Strollers (Jimmy Breedlove was the subject of a LP "Sings Rock 'N' Roll Hits RCA Camden 430" and an EP "Rock 'N' Roll Music RCA Camden 447 "Note that the numbers follow one another!" You can find a few more LP Hollywood LPH 31 titles on singles or EP's Gateway Top Tune, Big 4 Hits, Coast To Coast Hits and Variety.


Lee Hartsfeld said...

Thanks, Pascal!

One correction, though: I, too, though "Rock Around the Clock" was the Gateway label Dick Warren version, but (to my surprise) side by side comparison reveals it to be the Prom single credited to Gabe Drake. I may post the Drake single as proof.

I fully expected it to be Gateway because of the Gateway/Variety connection, but I guess you can never tell with these things. Anyway, I can see you've delved much more deeply into these cheapo labels and artists than I have--I lost patience after finding too much label and artist-credit crossover!


Pascal Jolly said...

Bonjour, Lee, personne n'est parfait (j' en profite pour excuser mon anglais approximatif, étant francais !), je ne possede pas le single Gateway avec la version de Dick Warren, mais j'ai téléchargé la compilation en ligne sur le blog : La référence donnée est Gateway 1124. Il se peut que nous ayons raison tous les deux puisque ce genre de label pratiquait souvent le credit imaginaire au niveau des artistes, un meme nom pouvait servir a plusieurs chanteurs ou l'inverse; un chanteur avait plusieurs noms, sans compter le fait que les labels se revendait les enregistrements .Bref, cela ne facilite pas les choses si on veut s'y retrouver ! Prends soin de toi, et merci pour ton travail !

Pascal Jolly said...

Hello, Lee, nobody's perfect (my approximate English, being French takes advantage of it to excuse!), I don't have the single Gateway with Dick Warren's version, but I downloaded the on-line compilation on the blog:http: // teway-rock-roll-soundalikes.html. The given reference is Gateway on 1124. It is possible that we are right both because this kind of label often practised the imaginary credit at the level of the artists, the same name could serve has several singers or opposite; a singer had several names, without counting the fact that labels resold the recordings .Bref, it does not facilitate things if we want to find themselves there! Take care of you, and thank you for your work!
Best Regards,