Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Rat Pack

On line, where questions pop up when you do a search for something--those questions the almighty Google wants (or expects?) us to ask--there's "How old was the Rat Pack when they died?"  My major wasn't in English, but "How old were the Rat Pack members when they died?" sounds better to me.  After all, they didn't all die at the same age, unless they had a suicide pact going.  I'm not aware that they did.

"How old was the Rat Pack when they died?"  Let me see--three?  Maybe four.  Yeah, I'll go with four.

Ohhhhhh, wait.  Their physical age.  My bad.  Got it.



Ernie said...

Careful there, you'll figure out their plan! :)

Scott1669 said...

You use Google?