Monday, April 28, 2014

Lee's Comic Rack is finally in print!

Lots of cool articles and scans to come, so bear with my less-than-compelling intro piece in which I describe my comic-collecting childhood.  Problem is, my memories are quite spotty, so it's necessarily a short and fuzzy essay....  Lee's Comic Rack--Logo and first post .

The only new memory in the meantime is circa 1966--it features me running out of the drugstore across the street from our house (my main comic book source) after one of the employees said (in a "You know better than that" tone), "You know better than that."  Knew better than what?  I don't know, and I didn't then, either, but I figured it was time to depart the premises.  Maybe she was scolding me for loitering.  I'd been looking at comics from the spinning comic rack, but that's the first time anyone gave me a hard time for doing so.  I remember wondering if this was it.  Were my comic sampling days over?  They weren't.

Hopefully, there are some less mundane reminiscences waiting to surface. If not, I can always make up a few.


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Ernie said...

'bout time!