Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mostly fat and jolly Santas from way back

For $7.99, I got a pile of Christmas cantatas from eBay.  The Santa artwork is awesome, all it from way before Coca-Cola allegedly invented the modern image of Santa.  If I have time (doubtful), I'll record some of the individual selections contained in these.  All were put out by the David C. Cook Publishing Company of Elgin, Illinois.  Dig the emergency surgery I did on the border of the last example ("Paint" and its color-editing feature to the rescue).

Fat-and-jolly-wise, I must admit that two of the Santas are amazingly svelte, especially the Santa-on-a-diet of 1912's "In the Christmas Glow" (third image down).  And just exactly what is he stepping out of?  A secret passage??  "Hey, Santa, we built this special entrance so you wouldn't have to fry your seat in the fire."  Great way to avoid a--no pun intended--Santa suit.

The final Santa, from 1914, is leaner than normal, too, but not overly.  Somehow, his weird get-up has me thinking of Vegas-era Elvis.  If Elvis had a long white weird and carried dolls.

Above: 1908

Above: 1903

Above: 1912

Above: 1895

Above: 1914



Aging Child said...

Lee, these look quite interesting - I hope your commitments somehow leave you time to record them. You can even allow yourself till January 7, and still come in easily through the Christmas Season... just ignore those neighbors down the road whose still-green tree will be curbside at sunrise tomorrow.

Merry Christmas to you, Bev, and the happy catherd!

Natum videmus, Regem angelorum...
A. Gene Childe

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Merry Christmas to you, too!

Or, name something Google will never wish its customers on Dec. 25 (or any other time!).

Our weather today is rain. No one was dreaming of a wet Christmas, yet it happened, just the same!

By the way, why is Blogger making me verify my posts ("I'm not a robot") when I'm the guy writing this blog?