Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter!

Cats in suits never look happy.  And I have no idea how anyone managed the poses in the above image.  Must be trickery involved.  Please tell me none of the creatures are stuffed.

For today's post, some Easter music, all of it religious.  (Religious music on Easter???).  Christ the Lord is Risen Today (a.k.a. Jesus Christ is Risen Today) starts things out.  It's me on my Casio WK-3800, overdubbing two organ tones, plus a third organ track, plus tubas in octaves.  "Tubas in Octaves" could have been the same of a rock band in 1986 or so.  They could have been the opening act for the Oil-Wrestling Arc Welders from Hell.  Such band names are no more--nowadays, band names resemble isotope designations.

Christ the Lord is Risen Today--Lee Hartsfeld, Casio WK-3800

Next, from 1902, Sweet and Clear the Birds are Singing, with music by Frederick Bullard.  I've been using this on and off as extra Easter music for more than 20 years.  Such as at this morning's service.  Here, I've added Casio bells.  I used five or so tracks:

Sweet and Clear the Birds are Singing (Bullard, 1902)--Me, on Casio WK-3800.

Last, possibly my all-time favorite hymn (and an all-purpose one; no pun intended): God Is Working His Purpose Out, composed in 1894 by Millicent D. Kingham.  I added echo to an earlier recording.  I piled up eight or nine tracks here:

God Is Working His Purpose Out (Kingham, 1894)--Me, on Casio WK-3800.

Coming up soon: Really old dance and jazz 78s from my overflowing collection.  Well, digital rips thereof, to be precise.

Hoppy Easter!!!


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