Monday, July 20, 2015

Paul Whiteman and His Orch., 1926-1928

Bet you can't tell that I used a desk lamp to light this 78 sleeve.  (There's only the blatant right-hand glare to give it away.)  Song of India doesn't appear in the playlist--it just happened to be the Whiteman disc at hand when I took this shot.  It was an instance of grabbing the nearest Paul Whiteman 78.  Just another day in the Media Room.

Now that we've cleared all of that up, below are links to eleven sides by the Paul Whiteman Orchestra, all ripped by moi, that date from 1926 to 1928.  And all of which feature arrangements by Ferde Grofe.  Grofe is not liked by the jazz critics who write about Paul Whiteman, and ask me if I care.  ("Do you care?")  No, I do not.  To those critics: Pfffffthhht!  Grofe was a brilliant arranger.  The proof is in the 78s.


Collette, 1927.
Broadway, 1927.
Manhattan Mary, 1927.
When I'm in Your Arms, 1926.
I Always Knew, 1926.
Precious, 1926.
Moonlight on the Ganges, 1926.
Shanghai Dream Man, 1927.
The Japanese Sandman, 1928.
Lonely Eyes, 1926.
Ma Belle, 1928.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lee
A most amazing desk lamp lighted picture of your 78rpm and sleeve
When music mattered, even nice artwork went into sleeves to compliment
the music, Great Selections as always, Thanks !
You do fine job of keeping music we possibly couldn't hear anyplace else !
Byron in Los Angeles, Yes, That Byron from your HalLEEween past.
Take Care of You, the Cats and Bev ps. do you have an actual pic of your cat listening to his master's voice Victrola ?
'Song of India' is one of my faves.

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Hi, Byron!

Thanks for the well wishes. No, I don't have any pics of our cats listening to a Victrola, but there's always photoshopping! I might try that.

Nice to hear from you, and hope you're doing great!