Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Comfy Quiz

"I know this will make Paul Fidalgo uncomfy, but..."

CFI mouthpiece Paul Fidalgo isn't comfy with President Obama's eulogy for slain friend and pastor Clementa Pinckney.  Here's Paul:

"I'm clenching my teeth a bit, I have to say.  I'm not at all comfy with the president telling us what God's 'ideas' are, or telling African Americans that the church is and always has been at the center of their life."

Obama meant the black church.  I quote from the eulogy: "That's what the black church means.  Our beating heart.  The place where our dignity as a people is inviolate."

I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone argue with the claim that religion is central to the African American experience.  Especially when the claimant is African American, and the president, and he's making the claim in an African American church.  Just saying.

I'm curious to know--were you, dear readers, comfy with Obama's eulogy?  Me?  Highly comfy with it.  Moved and inspired, in fact.  But that's me.  How do you feel?

Please spare a moment to take the Comfy Quiz:


Obama's eulogy made me:

1.  Highly comfy
2.  Moderately comfy
3.  Only fairly comfy
4.  Slightly uncomfy
5.  My Comfy Zone was violated
6.  I'll never feel comfy again.

Thanks, and have a comfy day.



Cory Gross said...

Wow, these CFI guys sound like a bunch of a-holes. Is there any tragedy they're not keen to put themselves in front of?

Lee Hartsfeld said...

There doesn't seem to be. As a rule, they make everything about themselves. For instance, when the gay marriage decision was announced, they declared it a victory for gays and... secularism (i.e., for themselves). They try to steal credit for everything.

"Oh, look--the gay community triumphed! Hooray for us!!"

Meanwhile, Fidalgo is the public relations man for an anti-faith outfit, and he doesn't know that the African American community is church-centered!

I take it you were comfy with the eulogy....

Diane Werts said...

Comfy-womfy! (As I'm sure Scalia would say.)