Thursday, October 13, 2016

Voo Doo Magic (1952)--Jimmy Cook and Orch.

Sorry for the late start this Halloween--a number of things have gotten in the way of posting, including an Internet connection that's here one moment and gone the next.  Then here, then gone.  Then here, etc.  Also, I'm starting the third week of my latest migraine--this one refuses to go away.  Most migraine sufferers have the occasional migraine, and then some time off.  But I'm not most migraine sufferers.

Luckily, Voo Doo Magic is just the kind of Halloween novelty I live to find, and therefore an ideal choice for starting the season.  This is a disc that, once heard, will have you asking, "Did I actually hear that?  Did it really happen?"  Yes, it really happened.  And a copy managed to survive these many decades for me to stumble across, marvel over, and post with joy.  Listening to this even has me forgetting about my migraine.  Maybe that's the "Magic" of the title?  Hmm.

I ripped this from a moderately worn Modern label 78 (above).  Modern, of course, is famous for recording folks like Howlin' Wolf and B.B. King, which likely explains why the March 8, 1952 Billboard listed this disc as a Rhythm & Blues release!  In fact, the flip side (If You Don't Hurry Up and Love Me) is possibly the most Guy Mitchell-esque disc ever made by someone other than Guy, so, no, this is not an R&B disc.  I've included it with Voo Doo Magic, because it's almost a Halloween side--dig these lyrics: "I'm going to be forced to die over you, I won't be living to see it through," plus, "And because I'm wanting you, I'll keep on haunting you."  It's not clear how we're supposed to take those.  Possibly the lyricist wasn't sure, either.

To the weirdness: Voo Doo Magic

Voo Doo Magic--Jimmy Cook and Orch., 1952
If You Don't Hurry Up and Love Me--Same.



Ernie said...

Now I know it's getting close to Halloween! Thanks, Lee!

garrido said...

get well soon-migraines are murder! i'm working on mine with murine hay fever eyedrops only available from england american drug companies are not interested in providing migraine relief

Lee Hartsfeld said...

Hi, Ernie!

Garrido--Thanks. I think you're right about American drug companies. Are your drops working? Years ago, I found out from my ENT that my migraines are sinus-triggered, so maybe that's what I need. (How to get to England?)

garrido said...

hi lee, yes the attack on the sinus problem! has to start with the eyes, because they are on the topside. my optimist recommended alocril eyedrops ( an allercan pharmaceutical) and they worked so well i hoarded even the minutest dregs from the bottle. i should have as even with kaiser prescription they cost 145.00.
that's the big issue.
the ingredients have not been released for generic, so a prescription is necessary. the product contains a "mast stabilizer" that really works great to relive the headache.
after much effort and study i found a non prescription eyedrops with a "mast stabilizer" murine hay fever eyedrops containing "sodium cromoglycate 2%"
i was able to find these eyedrops on the bay auction in england for $35 for two large bottles.
hope any of this is effective, don't try to swim there but you may try to conceal yourself on the next departure of the "new" stealth destroyer

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for such a rarity!